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Work Hard

  • How to Stick With Good Habits Every Day By Using the “Paper Clip Strategy” (James Clear)
  • 10 Questions to Help You Define Your Career (Live in the Grey)
  • 5 Common Unconscious Biases That Lead to Bad Decisions (Fast Company)
  • 24 LinkedIn Rules You Might Be Breaking (The Daily Muse)

Live Smart

  • How to Discover Your “Authentic” Self and Live the Life You Really Want (Lifehacker)
  • The Curious Link Between What You Eat and Your Emotions (GOOD)
  • Buddy Up and Start a GSD (Get Stuff Done) Club (Apartment Therapy)
  • 3 Non-Creepy Options for Approaching Someone Important (The Daily Muse)

Play Often

  • 25 Instagram Accounts That Will Actually Inspire You to Work Out (Greatist)
  • 13 Ways to Spend a 3-Day Weekend (Fathom)
  • 19 Bucket-List Doughnut Shops to Visit Before You Die (First We Feast)
  • 10 Companies That Take the Entire Team on Vacation (No, Really) (The Daily Muse)

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