Your commute’s killing you, but you know where to find a desk and Wi-Fi within approximately 10 seconds of travel time. (Hint: It’s your living room!) Or, maybe you’d love Fridays off, but you’d be willing to put in extra hours the rest of the time in order to have a four-day work week.

However, you’re not quite sure how to ask your boss for more flexibility. He thinks working remotely still looks a certain way (pajamas at home) and only happens at certain companies (a.k.a., tech).

Thankfully, Technology Advice pulled together the infographic below, which showcases the many kinds of flexible working arrangements and their benefits (hello, productivity). Also, be sure to mention that by next year almost half of all Americans will be working outside the office in some shape or form!

Infographic courtesy of Technology Advice. Photo of working from home courtesy of Shutterstock.