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The Color of Your Office Affects Your Productivity, Even if You Don't Realize It

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As much as our productivity depends on learning how to focus our minds and mastering time-saving hacks, sometimes it’s the small—and often times unnoticed—things that boost our efficiency. I’m talking about things like room temperature, desk supplies, and that cup of Starbucks coffee you get every morning before work.

In the same way that small touches help us to be more productive, they can also hurt our efficiency. Research by The Center for Health Design shows that white office walls affect our focus since they resemble “clinical” settings and give off “eerie” vibes. So, if you’ve been having trouble getting work done in your everything-white office recently—well, you just might be able to blame those bland walls.

Thankfully, Taskworld completed a study revealing the colors that have been proven to improve our efficiency. Check out the infographic below to discover the best color for your line of work. And, if a complete office color makeover is impossible, you can at least maximize your productivity by redecorating your desk space.

Infographic courtesy of Taskworld. Photo of colorful bricks courtesy of Shutterstock.