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The Best Way to Handle Your Friends Who Are Always Complaining About Work

We know: You love your friends. We love ours, too. What we don't love? Hearing about their obnoxious bosses every time we see them or waiting alone for 45 minutes at happy hour because they're stuck at work.

So, we've put together an easy fix for the next time a friend has a job-related need or woe: Just shoot your pal over one of these articles with a quick note. Hey, we've even drafted the emails for you!

For the One Who Can't Stop Complaining About Her Job

Send: 7 Signs it's Time to Leave Your Job

Email Text: I'm not saying you should leave your job, but The Daily Muse is.

For the One Who Can't Stop Complaining About His Boss

Send: 10 Brilliant Tips for Dealing With a Difficult Boss

Email Text: Seriously, if these tips don't make your boss back off, you need to quit your job. Or run him over with your car.

For the One Who Always Gchats You at 4 PM

Send: Bored at Work? 4 Productive Ways to Fill the Time

Email Text: I'd love to chat right now, but if I don't get through this work I'll never see my home again. But here, I found you a proxy friend to help you waste time.

For the One Who's Always Late to Happy Hour

Send: 7 Ways to Always Leave Work on Time

Email Text: Seriously, you can't let your boss keep you from $5 margaritas anymore. It's cruel and unusual. Use one of these ideas, and come drink with me.

For the One Who Keeps Asking You to Do Mock Interviews

Send: Are You Over-Preparing for Your Interview? 

Email Text: You don't need me: You're ready to rock it. Even The Daily Muse says so!

For the One Who Wants You to Edit His Resume

Send: 43 Resume Tips That Will Help You Get Hired

Email Text: I'll proof your resume for you this time, but you should look at this article first. Also, my favorite brand of beer is [brand]. Hint.

For the One Who's Freaking Out About the Meeting She Didn't Prepare For

Send: How to Speed-Prep for a Meeting When You're Crunched for Time

Email Text: You've got this. Promise.

And So You Don't Become "That Friend"

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