In college, you had the job search made. As long as you had a decent career center, you had someone at your disposal to help you strategize for your job search, answer all of your burning resume and cover letter questions, and help you figure out what was going wrong if you weren’t getting the offers you were hoping for. And all for free (er, well, the cost of your tuition).

But in the “real world,” you generally have to pay pretty big bucks for this type of personalized career coaching. Still, many of us could use some serious guidance in untangling the convoluted world of job searching.

And that’s exactly where JobDash comes in.

A new (free!) tech tool that’s basically like a personal career coach in your pocket, JobDash helps applicants navigate the job pursuit process using a data-driven dashboard that maps out a customized plan based on your desired hire date.

You can track the progress of each of your individual applications. You can set to-dos for different steps (like submitting your resume or following up) and get email alerts to avoid missing opportunities. You can view charts that help you quantify and summarize your job search, like how many hours you’ve spent researching or your interview follow-up rate. JobDash even offers free counsel, education, and motivation along the way (though we hope you keep coming back to The Daily Muse for that!).

The company is currently in its early stages and looking for active job-seekers to give it a whirl and help them make the product even better.

One of the bonuses of our plugged-in times is the ability to reap the benefits of individualized assistance without the time commitment or expense—think Siri, Google Now, real-time customer service chat, and Twitter support accounts. Seems like JobDash could be another tool to add to that list. Give it a go, and let me know what you think.

Photo of track courtesy of Shutterstock.