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The 9 Articles You Need to Read if Your Job Search Is Dragging On and On

So, you were hoping that your job search would consist of sending a couple of emails to important contacts, filling out a few applications, going to one or two interviews, and then presto, you’d have a shiny new position. However, here you are, months later with not much to show for it. What are you doing wrong—and how can you hurry the whole process up?

Take a look at these nine sources, and you’ll be back on track and landing that gig in no time.

  1. If you’re worried that your job search is taking longer than everyone else’s, this article from career expert Marc Miller will keep things in perspective. (LinkedIn)
  2. Is nothing really striking your fancy when you’re looking at job listings? It might be time to try opening up your mind to different opportunities. (Tiny Buddha)
  3. Do you seem to never find listings you like? Reconsider if you’re reading job boards as effectively as you could be. (The Guardian)
  4. Ask everyone you know to coffee just to hear about their lives and careers—and not necessarily to ask for a job. You’ll be surprised by how refreshed you feel afterward. (99U)
  5. Think about starting up a side hustle like freelancing, consulting, or volunteering to help you gain perspective, sharpen your skills, meet new people, and try new things. (Jullien Gordon)
  6. Take this career strengths test to see what type of employee you are, then make sure those traits are shining through in your applications. (Oprah)
  7. Focus your energy into staying positive, no matter how frustrated you’re getting. (Lifehack)
  8. Take a step back from your work for a weekend while you take the perfect, relaxing staycation. (Real Simple)
  9. Try out a career coach and use this guide to find the perfect one. (The Daily Muse)

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