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The 18 Stages of Your Job Hunt

Ask anyone who's been through it: The job search is an emotional process. From finding the perfect job to drafting and re-drafting a cover letter you hope will catch a hiring manager's eye to (finally!) getting called in for an interview, there are some serious emotional highs and lows.

Emotions that, quite frankly, can only truly be illustrated by GIFs.

Join us on a fun virtual tour of the job search process (and don't worry, it will have a happy ending).

1. You spot a job you want.

2. You get ready to craft your application to show how awesome you are.

3. Except the ideas aren't flowing like you'd hoped.

4. You eventually crank out a cover letter.

5. And then you wait.

6. You hear back and the company wants to interview you!

7. The big day arrives. You whip out that professional suit to roll up to your interview in.

 GIF courtesy of Tumblr

8. You wait in the reception area and try to act natural.

9. Finally, your interviewer emerges. And it's terrifying.

10. You're asked to tell a little about yourself.

11. Everyone seems really enthused by your answers. But are they really? Or is this a mind game?

12. You try to keep your game face on to play it like you know what you're talking about.

13. And leave the interview feeling like a boss.

14. You write a nice thank you note. And then, you wait.

15. And wait.

16. Just as soon as you've lost hope, amazing news arrives! You've got an offer.

17. But it isn't over yet. It's time to negotiate your salary.

18. In the end, you strike a deal. That wasn't so bad—and now you have a great new job! Off you go to celebrate.