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The 17 Best Niche Job Search Websites to Help You Cut Through All the Clutter

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Tell me if this scenario sounds familiar: You’re actively job hunting, and you sit down at your computer to peruse the internet for some new leads. You enter in your location and a few keywords, and you’re suddenly bombarded with 3,948 different listings.

“Awesome!” you think to yourself, with a smile on your face, “This must mean I totally chose the correct career path. I mean, look at how many different positions are available!”

But, after a quick scroll through the job search engines, you realize you’ve been duped. The listings run the gamut from certified dog walker to brain surgeon—not exactly the targeted search results you were looking for. Now you’re charged with the task of filtering through all of those irrelevant positions in order to zone in on the ones you actually want to apply for.

This is what makes niche sites so handy. Right from the get-go, you’re assured that the results your search returns will at the very least be in your chosen industry, meaning you can avoid all of that false hope and frustration.

Because these great sites aren’t always that easy to find, I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites to help you cut through the clutter and get one step closer to your dream job.

Finance: eFinancial Careers

Looking for a position in banking, finance, insurance, or accounting? This website is sure to become your new best friend.

Healthcare: HealthcareJobsite

For those of you in the healthcare industry, this site offers tons of different medical-related positions—from technologists and lab assistants to sports medicine physicians and occupational therapists.

Technology and Engineering:

Stuffed to the gills with positions in nearly every form of engineering you can think of, the word “comprehensive” doesn’t even begin to adequately describe this website.

Other Options: iCrunchData, Hacker News

IT: ITJobPro

From computer systems managers to help desk specialists, if you’re looking for a new position in IT, you’re likely to find something that interests you here.

Sales: SalesGravy

If you’re a sales professional looking for your next great gig, SalesGravy’s job board has tons of different opportunities for you to consider.

Another Option: TalentZoo

Architecture and Construction: Archinect

People think that jobs in architecture are notoriously hard to find. But, not with this convenient job board. From project managers to interior designers, you're sure to find something (or a few things!) that are worth applying for.

Another Option: ConstructionJobs


Enter in your desired position and location, and the job finder will connect you with tons of different opportunities that match your criteria. The site also allows you to upload your resume so that recruiters can find you, as well as follow up on positions you’ve already applied for—directly from your dashboard.

Journalism: JournalismJobs

Whether you’re on the hunt for your next freelance project or want to score a full-time role as a copy editor, this job board should be on your list of sites to check daily.

Media: Mediabistro

Looking to break into social media, publishing, advertising, PR, or television? Mediabistro rounds up tons of different opportunities you can apply for. Explaining your new gig to Mom or Dad, who are both still trying to get the hang of email? Well, that part's on you.

Politics and Legislation: PoliticalWire

From research assistants to executive directors, you’ll find plenty of legislative and government jobs using this site’s job search tool.

Nonprofit: Idealist

If you want your work to leave a mark on the world—and, let's face it, who doesn't?—Idealist offers tons of nonprofit jobs, internships, and even volunteer opportunities that are sure to fit the bill.

Tourism and Hospitality: HotellerieJobs

Working in travel? Sounds like a dream come true, right? This site has tons of different options in the hospitality industry—from a guest service agent to a waterski instructor for Club Med. I told you—they're total dream jobs.

Everything Else: The Muse

Are you ready for some shameless self promotion? We think The Muse is a great site to help you find your next gig. "But, wait!" you're probably thinking, "The Muse isn't a niche job site. They have all sorts of positions listed there!"

That's true. But, we still like to think of ourselves niche, because there's nothing out there quite like us. Our search tool is super specific, which makes it easy to eliminate all of those useless results that clog up your screen. Plus, our detailed company profiles allow you to peek "behind the scenes" of any office—giving you a great feel for what the company is actually like, before ever even submitting your application. Sorry not sorry for suggesting you start here first.

There you have it—these sites are sure to take some of the frustration and guesswork out of your job hunt. Now you can stop wasting precious hours sorting through irrelevant listings, and spend more time polishing up your resume and scoring interviews!

I couldn’t possibly include every industry or specific position on this list. So, go ahead and let me know which of your favorite niche job search sites I’m missing by sending me a note on Twitter.