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An inside look at Lever’s San Francisco, CA, office, as seen on The Muse.

Working for a startup comes with plenty of perks: a fun and flexible work environment, the ability to wear a bunch of different hats, and opportunities to grow—not to mention the chance to be part of what could turn into the next big thing.

But not all startups are the same, so you want to make sure that any new company you join is truly the right fit for you. Here, we’ve rounded up some of the best tech startups on The Muse—and they’re all hiring.

Don’t just take our word for it. Dive into each company’s profile on The Muse and you can hear directly from their employees about what it's really like to work there.

Floating Point Group

Floating Point Group company profile
Floating Point Group culture
Working at Floating Point Group

We are technologists.
We spent years of our lives building some of the most frontier computer science systems. We’ve designed, built, and deployed natural language processing models at MIT, self-driving automobiles at Cruise, and new modes of automated data exchange at massive scale at AWS.

We are founders at heart.
We are a group of entrepreneurs who have founded a diverse set of businesses, from our childhood lemonade stands to massive scale SaaS platforms reaching nine-figure valuations. We founded FPG with a goal: to improve the digital asset financial system. But more importantly, to enjoy every minute of building a company, creating a culture, and shipping a product. We are the Floaters, and we would love to meet you.

We’re well funded.
FPG is currently and has been a profitable company for the majority of our history. Our most recent Series A funding was closed at $10 million.


Hopin company profile
Hopin culture
Working at Hopin

At Hopin, we believe all of us should have access to the people, moments, and experiences we care most about—no matter where we are. Our products help organizations and individuals create immersive virtual, in-person, and hybrid events for global audiences.

We are a fully remote, globally distributed team of passionate individuals committed to improving the way people come together and make connections. Each Hopineer is empowered to contribute to their greatest potential in a work environment that is nurturing, fast-paced, and filled with exciting challenges.


Opentrons company profile
Opentrons culture
Working at Opentrons

To be a world-class innovator at the intersection of science and technology, Opentrons must be a place where world-class teams can come together to do their finest work. We are mission driven, but as we continue our rapid growth, we emphasize the need to remain an employee-centric organization, valuing fairness and transparency at all levels.

We are seeking talented individuals who can bring a broad and diverse perspective to our organization. Ideally, people who are kind, collaborative, and want to work together across teams and time zones to make a difference in the world. We believe that the sky is the limit when it comes to the positive impact that Opentrons can have on humanity, and it all starts with nurturing the development of our own employees. We provide excellent benefits, competitive compensation and equity packages, and endless opportunities for growth. Come join us!


Miro company profile
Miro culture
Working at Miro

At Miro, we’re on a mission to change the way the world collaborates online. Our online collaborative whiteboard platform gives globally distributed teams the means to work effectively together and create the things that push the world forward. Over 25 million users use our tool every day to innovate and iterate, from brainstorming sessions and workshops to designing new products and services.

As a global company with a team of more than 1,000, our scale is one of our strengths, along with the intentionality behind our values. We champion one another, lead with empathy and understanding, dream big, aim high, and let our failures inform our future successes. If you want to be a part of a company bold enough to take on the world at hyperspeed, keep on reading to learn more about who we are and who you can become with us.


quip company profile
quip culture
Working at quip

At quip, we are serious about our healthy mouth mission. We’re also tooth-smart and cheeky in the way we design and deliver products, advice, and care services. Just like we turn customers’ daily routines into delightful experiences, our cofounders do the same for work culture, celebrating hard work, transparency, and growth at every level. As dynamic and fast-paced as our company can be, it fuels exceptional creativity, personal accountability, and groundbreaking innovation from all. Leaving egos at the door, we’re hiring brave thinkers, doers, and problem-solvers to guide good oral care habits in every bathroom and dental chair around the world.


Lever company profile
Lever culture
Working at Lever

Lever builds powerful, modern recruiting software for teams to source, interview, and hire top talent. By making recruiting collaborative, seamless, and, above all, human, Lever is on a mission to help the world hire with conviction.


Point company profile
Point culture
Working at Point

As a consumer fintech startup helping homeowners tap into their home equity, Point keeps the human experience top of mind. The company’s employees build integrity, transparency, and trust in everything they do, and colleagues readily support each other as they strive to have a positive impact on homeowners’ lives. Point is in hyper-growth mode and is building a team that is motivated, self-driven, and eager to revolutionize the fintech industry. The company’s culture supports innovation, autonomy, and personal growth, and is a place where employees aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves or wear multiple hats to get the job done.


Highnote company profile
Highnote culture
Working at Highnote

Shape the future of Fintech by being part of embedded finance with Highnote's most modern card issuance platform. The Highnote Difference lies in its actionable core values of customer obsession, executional excellence, and intentional inclusion, and the intrinsic belief that the talented people we attract, are at the heart of our success. We, therefore, give team members the space, trust, and ownership to produce their life’s best work while having a blast at it.

Join our team and be at the forefront of building out the Highnote platform from the ground up!


Plenty company profile
Plenty culture
Working at Plenty

Plenty is a new kind of farm for a new kind of world. We’re on a mission to bring healthy food to the world while protecting the environment. Our pesticide-free, non-GMO leafy greens taste fresh-picked from the garden because they are. We grow and deliver locally, cutting transportation miles and reducing emissions.

Plenty’s indoor farms mean fresh produce is always in season. We currently operate in San Francisco, CA, and Laramie, WY. Our new Compton, CA, site, set to open in 2022, will be the world’s first, high-capacity indoor vertical farm.


LoanStreet company profile
LoanStreet culture
Working at LoanStreet

Guided by the belief that we’re all in this together, employees at LoanStreet care deeply about the work they do every day. As a fast-growing startup, we love to hire motivated people of all different backgrounds who are passionate about what they can offer. You don’t have to have experience in finance or technology to be successful at our company as long as you value collaboration and innovation. We also have great mentors, product experts, and teach-ins to support your development. If you’re ready for your next challenge and are excited about building a rapidly growing company with a really cool mission, we would love to hear from you!

Bowery Farming

Bowery Farming company profile
Bowery Farming culture
Working at Bowery Farming

Right outside of cities, Bowery Farming grows wildly flavorful, sustainable, and safe produce indoors. This is a mission-driven team of creative builders, problem-solvers, and activators. Every day, they’re reimagining farming from the ground up to eradicate trade-offs between quality and quantity, sustainability and scale, and healthy and delicious when it comes to the food people eat. At Bowery, staffers have a unique opportunity to find success at a business that aligns their professional goals with their personal interests in food and sustainability. This company fosters a collaborative culture where individuals choose to opt in, think wildly different, break barriers together, and be kind to the core every single day.


Axios company profile
Axios culture
Working at Axios

Axios is a news and technology company that provides consumers with content worthy of their time and attention. Axios offers a mix of original and smartly narrated coverage of the topics and trends that matter today—and those that will shape the next decade—through newsletters, a news stream, podcasts and Axios' HBO show. Axios puts the trust of its consumers first and strives each day to make news consumption an easy, efficient, and worthy experience. The company calls this Smart Brevity.


Cobalt company profile
Cobalt culture
Working at Cobalt

Cobalt is a fast-growing series B+ startup that is redefining pentesting and making cybersecurity easier and more accessible. We have Scandinavian roots, an American base, and a global outlook. Our remote-first team — distributed across the US, Germany, and the UK — is characterized by a fun, fast-paced, and collaborative culture based on individual responsibility, inclusion, and ownership.


UnitedMasters company profile
UnitedMasters culture
Working at UnitedMasters

Artists build cultural capital through authentic connection with audiences. We believe that artists’ cultural capital is the most powerful force for creating financial capital—and defining a brand’s success or failure.

As such, our employees understand the cultural resonance that the UM brand must have within the artist community in order to continue to grow and connect authentically with even wider audiences. They are committed to pushing culture forward.

Boundless Immigration

Boundless Immigration company profile
Boundless Immigration culture
Working at Boundless Immigration

Boundless offers employees the unique opportunity to grow professionally as leaders in the online immigration industry while driving positive social change. At Boundless, every employee is essential to achieving our core mission of empowering all families to navigate the immigration system more confidently and affordably.

Boundless is all about ownership, accountability, and flexibility in how we approach our individual company roles, and the industry as a whole. We value a spirit of inquiry and look for individuals who thoughtfully ask questions and challenge ideas to move us forward. Those looking to make a difference in the lives of thousands of families will feel at home among their Boundless teammates.


Klaviyo company profile
Klaviyo culture
Working at Klaviyo

Klaviyo is a leading customer data and marketing automation platform dedicated to accelerating revenue and customer connections for ecommerce businesses. Klaviyo makes it easy to store, access, analyze and use transactional and behavioral data to power highly targeted customer and prospect communications. Our hybrid customer data and marketing platform model allows companies to grow by fostering direct relationships with customers, without giving up their valuable data to popular big-tech ad platforms. More than 265,000 innovative companies like Unilever, Custom Ink, Living Proof, and Huckberry sell more with Klaviyo. Learn more at


Illumio company profile
Illumio culture
Working at Illumio

Illumio provides Zero Trust Segmentation to proactively stop ransomware, malware, and other attacks from moving beyond their initial point of entry in order to end headline-breaking cyber disasters. Since our company’s founding in 2013, the top names in business continue to recognize our innovation and ground-breaking technology. We are a leader in the Forrester Wave™: Zero Trust eXtended Ecosystem Platform Providers, and we are positioned as having the strongest current offering and the strongest strategy.

As a business, we’re approaching a major milestone in growth. To help us achieve our ambitious goals, we’re looking for smart, truth-seeking individuals who value transparency, love both working together and taking the lead, and are eager to make sweeping contributions to one of the world’s most significant and compelling industries.


RapidSOS company profile
RapidSOS culture
Working at RapidSOS

We’re a diverse and ambitious team devoted to a life-saving mission. Our team works collaboratively and cross-functionally to build the solutions, relationships, and ideas that will change the way public safety responds to emergencies. Together, we impact over 150 million emergencies annually, helping save and protect lives.

As a fast-growing, mission-driven startup, we look for team members who embody our values of purpose over pride, trust and safety, pioneering, and urgency and are excited to learn and grow every day. You'll thrive here if you love autonomy, taking initiative, and working collaboratively.


EarthOptics company profile
EarthOptics culture
Working at EarthOptics

EarthOptics is unlocking the full potential of soil for increased agricultural yields and carbon sequestration by making intelligent soil data accessible on a large scale to anyone who relies on it for decision making. We seek motivated individuals from diverse backgrounds, educational histories, and industries who are eager to gain new skills in a fast-paced environment. Qualified candidates are conscientious, hardworking, and ethical with interest or experience in machine learning, engineering, agriculture, and sustainability.

Reliable Robotics

Reliable Robotics company profile
Reliable Robotics culture
Working at Reliable Robotics

We are a venture backed technology startup based in Mountain View, California, with a globally distributed workforce. Our team consists of experienced professionals in aviation, autonomy, robotics, and a broad range of other industries. Above all we are inspired by the challenge of creating the first remotely operated aircraft for commercial applications. We value authenticity, a bias for action and personal autonomy, and strive to cultivate these principles in our work environment. People joining our team appreciate the opportunity to grow, advance their career and influence the future of aviation. Our company is growing fast, with remote and onsite positions available at all career stages.

Promenade Group

Promenade Group company profile
Promenade Group culture
Working at Promenade Group

At Promenade, we are focused on creating long-term relationships with small business owners looking to invest in themselves and grow their small business. Whether you’re fresh out of college or a seasoned career professional, Promenade is a place where you can make a true impact on local communities and neighborhoods across the country. Employees come to Promenade seeking challenges and opportunities in an environment that is built on transparency, trust, and respect. Our hands-on approach to professional growth allows you to be in the driver seat of your own career while working alongside industry leaders. Everyone has a seat at the table and a voice in the company. If you thrive on creating solutions to problems and working in a fast-paced environment while having fun, this is the place for you.

Abnormal Security

Abnormal Security company profile
Abnormal Security culture
Working at Abnormal Security

At Abnormal Security, we take a fundamentally different approach to our technology and our talent experience - challenging the traditional constraints of the old to relentlessly create something better for our customers and employees every day.

Our product was born out of a gap in the email security market, and has taken the industry by storm at an unprecedented pace. Our culture was cut from the same cloth. Today, we're a mission-driven, high velocity growth company who believes that driven, exceptional builders shouldn't have to make tradeoffs in their career.

Here, you'll have a massive impact AND feel secure. You'll be supported by industry veterans AND have the opportunity to stretch your skillset. You'll gain 4x more learning here in 1 year than anywhere else AND still have time to enjoy the things you love outside of work. You'll be challenged AND rewarded.


Dooly company profile
Dooly culture
Working at Dooly

At Dooly, we live and breathe our company culture, and you definitely feel it day in and day out (even though we’re all remote). Our senior leadership team is friendly, always willing to help others, and has a “one team, one dream” mindset.


Paper company profile
Paper culture
Working at Paper

Paper is one of the fastest-growing edtech companies and we’re shaping the future of education. If you’re passionate about innovating, educating, and making a difference in the lives of every learner, Paper just might be the place for you. You’ll feel it the second you meet the team—and when you see the impact we have on schools and students. We are driven to build an amazing business like none other, but we’re also fueled by a mission that is much, much bigger. It’s exciting, challenging, energizing, rewarding, and a whole lot of fun.

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Updated 6/14/2022