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Take a Break From Holiday Indulgences With These Refreshing Meals

Dear Blue Apron,

In this season of cookies, cakes, and cocktails, I need some ideas for eating well on the rare weeknight without a holiday party. What can I make that’s easy and healthy and feels like a bit of a detox—but that’s still hearty enough for the chilly weather?


—Hungry for Something Healthy

Dear Hungry,

We feel you! We accidentally ate chocolate for lunch yesterday, and it wasn’t as much fun as it sounds (at least after the fact). So, it makes sense that you’d be looking for great meals to enjoy as little interludes between one cookie-ingestion session and the next. Here are our delicious ideas!


1. Ligurian Chard with Pine Nuts and Quinoa

Ligurian Chard from Blue Apron

This is the kind of vegetarian meal-in-a-bowl that dreams are made of. This protein-rich supper features a big portion of good-for-you greens made incredibly palatable by creamy feta and savory toasted pine nuts. And the quinoa will keep you full until party time.

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2. Chilled Sesame Soba with Cashews

Cold Soba with Cashews

Soba noodles are Japanese noodles made with buckwheat flour. Though you’ll often find soba served hot in the U.S., in Japan a bowl of the noodles is usually served cold with a dipping sauce. We turned them into a refreshing salad with fresh vegetables topped with roasted, spiced nuts for added texture. Because sometimes refreshing is just what you need for dinner.

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3. Chicken Paillard with Smashed Potatoes

Chicken Paillards from Blue Apron

Want some lean protein, but don't just want plain grilled chicken? Try making paillards. This French preparation involves pounding the meat thin and sautéing it—so it will taste decadent without feeling too heavy. Plus, served beside some hearty potatoes, it’s not like you’re going cold turkey on indulgences.

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4. Bok Choy with Toasted Coconut and Cashews

Bok Choy with Cashews from Blue Apron

Healthy fats—like those from coconut and cashews—are a fantastic way to keep you feeling satisfied even while you’re technically trying to detox. Pair those two rich ingredients with lighter rice and greens, and you’re set for a lunch or dinner that’s pretty and delicious—and leaves plenty of stomach space for sweets.

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