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Manage Your Money: Personal Finance Week at The Daily Muse

There's a lot about the month of April and money that doesn't get us very excited. Taxes? Not so fun. Equal Pay Day? Kind of makes us angry.

And that's why we're bringing you Personal Finance Week at The Daily Muse. Managing your money is important—so why shouldn't it be interesting, too?

This week, we'll bring you a week of tips and advice (including an awesome giveaway) to help you actually get excited about managing your money. Check out what we've done so far, then browse our archives for some of our favorite financial articles.

Don't Be Afraid of Your Money: A Q&A With LearnVest's Alexa von Tobel 

We get it—managing your finances isn’t exactly a cake walk. But Alexa von Tobel and personal finance company LearnVest make it a little bit easier, and a lot more fun. Read on for Alexa’s advice on taking control of your money.

6 Must-Reads on Personal Finance

Check out some of the best financial tips and advice we’ve found from around the web.

Spring Clean Your Finances in 4 Simple Steps

Managing your money isn’t always easy, but it’s a whole lot easier once everything’s organized. These four easy Spring Cleaning to-dos will help you get there.

7 Smart Ways to Save More on Groceries

Trying to stick to a budget is hard, especially with the rising cost of everything from gas to food. But when it comes to your weekly grocery shopping, we’ve got you covered.

Your Post-Taxes To-Do: Change Your Withholding

Your taxes are filed and done. Victory dance? Actually, hold on. There’s one more step you should take. And it could save you money, time, or both. Here’s what you need to know about your withholding.

Our Favorite Finance Articles

The 4 Financial Mistakes to Avoid in Your 20s

Your 20s are the years when you (finally!) start making some money. But, they’re also the years when, if you aren’t careful, you can make some money mistakes—ones that can (literally) cost you. Here’s how to avoid those blunders and set yourself up for financial success in your 20s and beyond.

4 Simple Ways to Take Control of Your Budget

Taking control of your finances isn’t as angst-inducing as it’s often made out to be. Try these four simple steps to help you simplify your finances—no coupon clipping or Ramen noodles required.

What Every Woman Needs to Know About Retirement Savings

There are a lot of ways that men and women differ, but we bet there’s one you might not guess right away: Retirement. And unfortunately, we’re at a disadvantage here. Here’s a closer look at the challenges women face, and what we can do about them.

Negotiation 101: Expert Advice for Getting What You Want

Women lag behind their male colleagues in salaries, bonuses, and promotions—and why? Because we don’t ask for what we want. Well, that’s about to change. Starting today, we’re bringing you a guide to negotiating, and an expert to help you along the way.

In the Red: What to Do When You're in Debt

If you’re having trouble making payments, or you’re worried that you won’t be able to pay off your debt, it’s time to take a look at your options. Here’s a look at three common ways to get out of debt, and how to know which one is right for you.

Start Your Budget Now

Budgeting comes naturally to few, but it’s one of the most valuable skills any young woman will learn. Get started here, with our easy downloadable tool!