We're all trying to get more done in a day—and we usually turn to time management tips to try and make it happen.

But what if we told you that was the wrong approach?

More and more people are suggesting that what's more productive than managing your time is managing your energy levels. So, this week, we've pulled together some of the best articles from around the web on energy management. Learn more, try it out, and then tell us! Do you feel more productive?

  • Get the basics about why we should care more about energy management than time management(Inc.)
  • Check out the science behind why energy management works to improve productivity(iDoneThis Blog)
  • Make sure you're taking care of your body's four basic needs for physical energy(Buffer)
  • Don't ignore your body's need for regular breaks(The New York Times)
  • Make sure you're not surrounding yourself with people who drain your energy(MindBodyGreen)
  • Build time for recovery into your schedule so you don't burn out. (Forbes)
  • Check out these little ways to improve your energy during each stage of your day(Real Simple)
  • If you need a quick boost, skip the caffeine and try one of these fixes(Lifehack)
  • Want more? Check out some of our great productivity articles!

    Secret to Getting More DoneThe Secret to Getting More Done in Less Time

    We can't magically grant you more time in the day, but we can share a little secret for getting more done in the time that you do have: aggressively guarding your schedule.

    Fuzzy BrainIn a Daze? Easy Ways to Defeat "Fuzzy Brain" at Work

    Ever had a day at work when it just feels like your brain isn’t 100% there? Here are a few strategies you can use to recover—or at least make this blur of a day worthwhile.

    Photo of tired man courtesy of Shutterstock.

    Updated 6/19/2020