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Job Search Mad Libs: Make the Job Hunt Way More Fun!

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We know the job application process can be a drag, so this April Fool’s Day, we decided to make it a little more spontaneous!

Try your hand at the easiest cover letter you’ll ever write (and arguably the most fun, too), and put together some great advice for conducting a successful job search.

Download Job Search Mad Libs!

The Perfect Cover Letter

To whom it may (verb),

I was so (adjective) when I discovered that (company) was looking for a (job title) that I nearly (verb) out of my (noun). I knew that I had to apply (adverb ending in –ly)—with my background in (activity) and my (adjective) sense of humor, I would be the ideal (noun) for your (noun).

I have been (verb ending in –ing) since I was (number) years old, producing anything from (adjective) poems about my cat to articles for the (place) newspaper to serious literary works about (noun) and (noun). While in school, I majored in (field of study) and during my final years of study I (verb-past tense) a book for (plural noun) which was published and sold (number) copies.

All of my previous work experience has made me a (adjective) employee, ready to help with all your office (plural noun). I am great with (noun) service and am confident in using all sorts of technology, including copiers and (plural noun). I promise you will not be (verb ending in –ed) with my (noun).

My (noun) and writing samples are (verb ending in –ed). Please (verb) me with any questions or (plural noun).

(Adverb ending in –ly),
(Your name)

How to Get a Job

Getting a job can be a little (adjective). But follow these five simple steps and you should have a job in (amount of time) or less!

  1. First, you have to find a job position you want. There are plenty of resources for that—you could try using a (noun) or looking at (place) or even browsing websites such as (website). The possibilities are (adjective).
  2. You shouldn’t stop once you’ve found one job! It’s best to (verb) to (number) jobs if you want the (adjective) chance of getting hired.
  3. Once you find your job, you need to (verb). This means, you will have to create a resume and a (noun). Your resume should list all of your qualifications, such as education and past (plural noun). Your cover letter should explain what you (verb-past tense) from these jobs and why you are the (adjective) candidate. You may also be asked for a (verb ending in –ing) sample or (plural noun).
  4. Once you (verb) in your application, you have to wait (adverb ending in –ly) for a (noun) from the employer, but hopefully you will be asked for an interview.
  5. For the interview you should wear a nice (article of clothing) and make sure there are no (plural noun) in your clothes. When you walk in the room, shake the interviewer’s (body part). Then answer all her (plural noun) (adverb ending in –ly). After you leave, make sure to send a (noun) to thank her.

With any luck, you will get a (adjective) call from the company offering you a (noun). If not, keep (verb ending in –ing)!