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Insta-Puppy (and 4 Other Apps We Wish Existed)

It’s been a few years since Apple’s “there’s an app for that” campaign. And maybe it’s gotten a tiny bit old, but it’s (almost frighteningly) becoming ever more true. Need to split the bill with your friends? There’s an app for that. Trying to decide whether you should break up with your boyfriend? There’s an app for that. Want to turn everyone you take a picture of into a unicorn? Yes, really—there’s an app for that, too.

But while it seems like there’s an app for almost everything, there are also a few still on our wish list. Sure, some of them might not be technically possible (yet). But we can dream, right?

1. Pick Out Your Outfit

There are apps for checking the weather, planning your calendar, and getting inspiration for your wardrobe—so why not combine them into one? We want an app that checks out the forecast and what’s on tap for the day, then gives personal recommendations for what to wear. (Ironing would be nice, too.) Smartphone? I’m talking Smarthouse here.

Until then, try using: Netrobe, which lets you catalog your closet and create outfit boards, making it easier to plan outfits for the week. You can also use Swackett to check out the best clothes for the weather forecast.

2. Make You a Cup of Coffee

Just imagine how nice it’d be to stay at your desk (or—even better—in your bed in the morning) and use your phone to make a steaming cup o’ joe appear in front of you. Easy coffee all the time! The pro version would actually brew the coffee inside your phone and pour out the built-in spout (a key hardware addition to the iPhone 6).

Until then, try using: Coffee Order to streamline picking up coffee for your co-workers—maybe they’ll return the favor, and it will be almost like it magically appeared in front of you. Also, keep an eye on the impressive (and sure-to-be expensive) Scanomat coffee brewer. Maybe Smarthouse isn’t so far off.

3. Put a Puppy in Your Lap

What’s a better pick-me-up on a bad day than an adorable puppy? Um, nothing. So, we want an app would let you pick a picture of your favorite four-legged friend, select it, and have a furry bundle of joy bounding through your door in minutes flat. Insta-puppy.

Until then, try using: The Daily Puppy—if you can’t get one sent to you, at least you can get the pictures.

4. Cover for You at Work

This app would help you play hooky (er, not that we’re recommending it) with a voice-altering feature to make your “I’m sick” call sound a little more convincing (insert cough here). Or, upgrade and create a hologram version of yourself sitting at your desk—maybe no one will even notice you went missing!

Until then, try using: Sick Day to make your call to your boss more believable (or at least laughable) and then Flow to make sure your projects stay on track when you’re gone.

5. Drive You to Work

And then find a parking spot. And then come pick you up at the end of the day. You’d click your app from your desk at the end of the day, then use it as an excuse when your boss tries to keep you late (“Sorry, my car’s already out front, and it’s not very patient!”). Although, with the Google Car in development, this might not be as far off as we think.

Until then, try using: Honk, so at least you don’t spend hours searching for where you parked your car.

Photo courtesy of Megan Coughlin.