It's probably no shock to you that the average surgeon's salary is higher than that of a recent grad at an entry-level position. But we were curious: What jobs pay a surprisingly high or low amount—and how do they stack up against other salaries?

For a fun game, see if you can guess which of these jobs pays higher than the other. Hint: The answers may surprise you!

Film and Video Editors vs. Radio and TV Announcers


Answer: Film and video editors

Editors bring in an average of $66,690 annually, while radio and TV announcers earn $40,510. 

Farmers, Ranchers, and Agricultural Managers vs. Legislators


Answer: Farmers, ranchers, and agricultural managers

That's right—on average, the men and women who work in the field earn $70,000 per year, while legislators bring in just $38,800 (we were shocked, too!).

Bingo Managers vs. Models


Answer: Bingo managers

Turns out, Gisele's salary isn't the norm. Models earn an average of $42,560 annually, while bingo managers make $56,590.

Private Detectives and Investigators vs. Make-up Artists


Answer: Make-up artists

On average, make-up artists make $63,700, while private detectives and investigators earn roughly $47,800.

Sommeliers vs. Flight Attendants


Answer: Sommeliers

Sipping (er, recommending) wine for a living can earn you $50,870 per year, while flight attendants make an average of $41,720. 

Elevator Inspectors vs. Embalmers


Answer: Elevator inspectors

You'd think embalmers would have a pretty tough gig, but they make, on average, just $44,200. Elevator inspectors, on the other hand, command $59,400.

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