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I Changed My Career Path Without Leaving My Company

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Yanina Ostrovsky
Adam Reichardt

Yanina Ostrovsky


Current Role:
Client Onboarding Specialist at The Muse!

Dream Job:
Yanina doesn’t believe in the idea of a “dream job.” Instead, she chooses to focus on her surroundings and how they push to her grow, both in her role and in life. She loves The Muse and the people she gets to work with every day, so she’s very happy in her work-life. As she told us, “I believe this job is setting me on the right path for the career I’m meant to be in.”

The Best Thing About Her Role:

As an onboarding specialist, Yanina gets to work cross functionally with our production, profiles, and product teams to give Musers a genuine glimpse into unique companies. She loves working with our clients to make their profiles a reality, and connecting them with talented people whose values align with a company’s mission.

What She Wishes She Knew When She Started:

After more than two years as an account executive at The Muse, Yanina recently transferred within the company from her sales-focused role into her position as a client onboarding specialist. The biggest thing she’s noticed so far is that communication between these departments is good, but not always clear.

However, she sees this as a unique challenge and hopes that with her background, she can bring a different perspective to the table and bridge that communication gap.

Her Journey to Where She Is Today:

“Every job I've had (and I have had my fair share), I’ve been hoping would help me get closer to achieving what I want to do. The problem is: I’m still unsure of where exactly I want my career to go! But, I’ve learned a lot about myself along the way, particularly that there are certain jobs I know aren’t the right fit for me. I’ve also realized that other factors—like the company, the people, the industry, etc.—are sometimes more important to me than the actual job itself.”

Worst Job Ever:

An important aspect of any role for Yanina is the people she works with and her managers, so while she’s had some decent jobs and some not-so-decent jobs in the past, she believes the worst thing is not having a great leader.

Best Career Advice:

“It’s OK to not know what you want to do or change your mind about a career path. Just make sure what you’re doing is in line with what’s important to you at the core!”