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How to Make Sure You Never Dread a Team Project Again

Group projects in school were the worst—and unfortunately, we don’t get to leave them behind in “the real world.”

Does that mean we should surrender ourselves to a lifetime of frustrating forced collaboration? Of course not. On your behalf, we scoured the web to find the best resources for working on a team out there.

And yes, this was a group effort.

  1. This is the How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days of project advice. In other words, don’t do these things. (Fast Company)

  2. If you’re wondering if Apple has successful team projects—well, yes it does. Check out these techniques—and then build the iPhone 7. (Forbes)

  3. None of these apps for team collaboration come with a button to “mute” your annoying co-worker, but they’re useful nonetheless. (Mashable)

  4. Speaking of annoying co-workers, here are seven ways to deal with aggravating people ad still get things done. (Lifehacker)

  5. The bane of all projects’ existence: groupthink. Learn how to conquer it. (Examiner)

  6. If you feel like a little self-improvement, check out these tips on how to be a good team player. (Mind Tools)

  7. And how to be a team player when you work with a slacker. (US News & World Report)

  8. Why teams don’t work, and how to change that. (Harvard Business Review)

Want more ways to turn around your team project experience? Check out our suggestions!

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