We’ve all heard the phrase “Don’t fix what isn’t broken.” And this is true. Sometimes.

But other times, we have ideas that could take the company to the next level. And even though nothing is broken, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t continue striving to improve.

If you have one of these epiphanies, you should propose it. But don’t show up empty-handed. New projects that require a huge level of effort and have several dollar signs attached to them will most likely scare off your boss and get you quick and firm “nope.”

Instead, come to the table with a well-thought-out case that not only shows how your proposal will be beneficial, but also how to implement it smoothly.

If you’re struggling with how to prove the worth of your pitch, check out the tips below. You got this!

Infographic courtesy of Revitas. Photo of meeting courtesy of Shutterstock.