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How One Coaching Session Helped Me Land a Senior-Level Position I Love

Switching jobs or finding a new company to work for can be a real challenge. Throw in not knowing what you’re looking for, and the desire for a more senior-level position, and it can feel practically impossible.

So, when we hear a success story, it truly warms our heart—and reminds us that it is possible to find the right niche, no matter what stage you’re in in your career.

Today, we talked with Jay Shemenski, who was able to land a job he loves with the help of The Muse Coach Connect.

Here’s his story:

Tell Us About Yourself!

I’m a digital marketing strategist. I work across multiple teams to help large brands craft their digital presence and integrate marketing programs. Outside of work, I enjoy traveling, and actually spent my first few years as a professional living abroad. I now live in Boston with my girlfriend, Sara, and our cat, Oliver Bean.

Tell Us About Your Coaching Session!

I knew that I needed to make a move from my current position and had some general ideas about what direction I wanted to take. However, I also needed to organize my thoughts, bounce ideas around about my next steps, and get input. The job search can be somewhat of a blind experience, and I was seeking perspective in regards to how I fit into the larger market.

As I explored The Muse, I found out about Coach Connect and wanted to get myself into the best position in the job search as possible. So, I chose to work with Katie Stricker for a Resume and LinkedIn Review session.

One of the most meaningful things I got out of my coaching session was confidence in myself and my resume. Katie helped me feel like I was moving in the right direction and provided some true mentorship—it turned out to be much more than I thought I’d signed up for.

And afterward, I was quickly able to land a new job!

My advice: Coaching’s worth it, not only to gain confidence in your applications and how you present your experiences in interviews, but also to be able to talk with someone who knows the larger job market. And, you’ll come away with much more than a sharpened resume and cleaned up LinkedIn profile.

What’s Your Job Now, and What Does the Day-to-Day Look Like?

I’m a senior digital strategist at Hill Holliday. My days are pretty varied since I work on multiple accounts—I have a team in Boston and one in New York, and clients based in Boston and New York. On a given day, I may be working on anything from drafting integrated digital strategies to kicking off projects to presenting to clients to chipping in on new business pitches—it’s always changing and evolving.

Is This the Kind of Job You Thought You Would Have?

Not at all. That said, I also had a very non-linear career trajectory. I left undergrad with a degree in political science and had no idea what I wanted to be doing for a job, let alone a career. At first, all I knew I wanted to do was to travel, and once I came back stateside, my career began to grow organically as I fostered the experiences and skills that interested me.

What Do You Like Most About Your Current Job?

I have exposure to multiple accounts and different business issues, which in turn constantly challenges me. My position also intersects with the account, design, development, creative, media, production, analytics, and brand planning teams, and I appreciate being able to see all of the parts that go into fully integrated campaigns and be so broadly involved on the accounts I work on.

What’s Your Go-To Activity for a Work Break?

I work in downtown Boston, so there are a lot of nice walks (like the Freedom Trail) and public spaces (like the Public Market or Post Office Square) that I try to take advantage of on nice days. I find moving around can help reset my mind and give me some energy—especially when I’m deep into writing project briefs or complex strategies.

What Advice Do You Have for Someone Who’s Stuck in a Tough Job Search?

Don’t doubt yourself. It’s very easy to get down on the process and question yourself because the job market’s so competitive—especially as you move into senior level positions—and there’s very little feedback to understand how you’re doing. But, being patient, confident, positive, persistent, and resilient are key to moving forward.