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Today, we chatted with Dominic Miller, a software developer at Pulte Mortgage. He wanted to join a company that cares about work-life balance. Luckily, his current role is the perfect match for his skillset, and Pulte’s culture is fun, collaborative, and about more than just work.

Read below to learn more about his story, then check out Pulte Mortgage’s offices and see how you can land a great new gig of your own.

Tell us about yourself!

I’m a long-time .NET software developer. I work in middle and back-end systems moving data, creating SAAS layers, and bringing new approaches to existing business solutions. Mostly, I just like to build cool stuff.

What’s your title at your new role, and what does this actually mean in terms of what you’re doing day to day?

My official title is “Architect”. Day to day, I build applications using Visual Studio and SQL Server. I design, code, deploy, and maintain systems that allow Pulte to sell homes and issue mortgages to our customers. I mainly focus on the data collected during the mortgage lifecycle, working closely with data analysts to optimize processes and reporting.

What were you doing before you landed your new job?

I worked for the State of Colorado as a software development team lead. I oversaw a team supporting software to manage and map water rights throughout the state.

What were you looking for in a job?

I was looking for a profitable, established company with passionate, engaged, and fun employees with lives outside of work. Work-life balance and community involvement were big for me.

What attracted you to Pulte Mortgage when you found it on The Muse?

The employee interviews, virtual tour of the offices, and in-depth profile of the company was much better on The Muse than on other sites. The job description gave me a more complete picture of what the role entailed before getting to the interview. I knew going in the match of my skills and industry background made it too good to pass up—it was a perfect fit for me.

Learn More About Working at Pulte Mortgage

What’s something most people would find surprising about working at Pulte Mortgage?

We have food trucks, a bike mechanic, and a farmer’s market on site! What other company does that?

What’s your favorite part so far about working at Pulte Mortgage?

I’m surrounded by cool people who legitimately care about what they’re doing. People from all teams get together to discuss ideas and issues and collaborate to make the best strategic decisions.

Is there anything in particular you did during your application process that you think helped you stand out and land the job?

I studied for the interview for a few days and knew from previous experience about both development and mortgages, but mostly I just let my personality show through in my application and interview. They have to work with me every day, so I figured they might as well like me (or not) right away!

What advice would you have for someone who wants a job like yours?

Study! If you get the interview, learn about the company you’re heading into. And, don’t apply to everything—find something you’re actually excited about.

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