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How I Found a Company That Truly Supports My Growth

Our mission here at The Muse is simple: to help you find your dream job. So, there’s nothing we love more than hearing about it when you do!

Today, we chatted with Andrea Donoghue, who has a passion for coaching people to reach their true potential. In her new role as Recruitment and Training Coordinator at Cleveland Research Company, she gets to do just that—plus, she works for a company that supports her growth, too.

Read below to learn more about her story, then check out Cleveland Research’s offices and see how you can land a great new gig of your own!

Tell us a bit about yourself!

Originally a Midwesterner, I decided to chase warmer weather and go to school in Southern California. I studied elementary education hoping to get into helping and teaching kids, but by senior year I realized my passion was coaching adults. It was a challenge breaking into the business world in LA without previous internships or connections, so I found myself back in Cleveland, where I landed a role with a big regional bank. It ended up being an awesome opportunity and helped me realize all of the options out there, and now Cleveland is home.

What’s your job like as Recruitment and Training Coordinator?

It’s a new position for Cleveland Research, so it’s ever-evolving, which is exciting. Basically, I’m the first contact for candidates and help take them from career fair or initial phone screen, to onboarding, through getting them up to speed with mentors, licensing, and best practices that will hopefully lead to their promotion!

What were you doing before you landed your new job?

I started my career working on an investment team, pulling performance reports and setting up quarterly client meetings. Just before CRC, I was working at a small staffing company recruiting for IT and engineering positions. Now, I get to marry the HR and finance background into one.

What were you looking for in a job?

I really wanted to be in a position where I was able to make an impact and be in a role where I could help others reach their goals. I love the idea of being an executive coach and have so much to learn to get there. I wanted to find a place that invested and believed in me just as much as I invested in it.

What attracted you to the company when you found it on The Muse?

I’d heard of Cleveland Research Company previously, but only really by name. I initially thought it would be a stuffy equity research firm—I was very wrong! When I saw the posting for my role, I was intrigued by the title, so I started watching the videos on the company’s profile. The people seemed passionate, and you could tell they really genuinely liked working for CRC. The pictures of the office were an added bonus and completely changed my mind about the research business.

Learn More About Working at Cleveland Research Company

What’s something most people would find surprising about working at CRC?

I’m happily surprised at how much the leadership team takes responsibility for each employee’s development and success. We believe each team member can and will have an impact that will have a rippling effect on our growing company, and as a result each new hire is treated as an individual. Each person is given a mentor and does quarterly two-way reviews along with multiple other development-focused programs through the year. As teammates and leaders, we can help one another capitalize on our strengths and work together to overcome any obstacles that may challenge us.

What’s your favorite part so far about working at CRC?

CRC is passionate about everything it does. We work really hard, but we’re consistently having fun, too. Usually, 5 PM rolls around and the ping-pong table is buzzing, and people are gearing up for a long bike ride or coordinating some time to meet up for dinner or a Cavs/Indians/Browns game. I’ve found true friends in my co-workers and enjoy being around them every day.

What advice would you have for someone who wants a job like yours?

Three things:

  • It’s really hard to be patient when your current role is draining you, but trust me—you don’t want to get stuck in that same place again, so take your time. It will be worth it for the right role.

  • Ask good questions. It shows you’re interested, but it also helps you make a good decision—the more you ask, the clearer the vision you’ll have about the role, company, employees, and expectations.

  • Finally, being genuine to who you are (and aren’t) and what you are good at is so important. Recruiters and managers alike know that you’re not perfect, (and if they don’t, run!) nor the best at everything. The best teams are made up of all kinds of people, so being real throughout the process helps everyone make a good decision about team fit.