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Today, we chatted with Crystal Grant, a digital audit coordinator at Digital Air Strike. After moving to Phoenix for a change of scenery, Crystal explored the events industry before finding her niche in tech. Now, she’s never been happier to work at a company where everyone’s voice is heard, and she gets to work on some pretty cool projects.

Read below to learn more about her story, then check out Digital Air Strike’s offices and see how you can land a great new gig of your own.

Tell us about yourself!

I graduated from North Carolina State University three years ago, and after living in North Carolina all my life I wanted to experience living somewhere else. I love the heat, so Phoenix, Arizona seemed like the perfect place. I started out wanting to enter the events industry and had the opportunity to intern with the Arizona State Fair last year.

Before Digital Air Strike, I worked as a temporary employee for Party Staff. They specialize in staffing for events and service industries. It was a great starting position because I was sent all over and got to work at some awesome venues.

What do you do as a digital audit coordinator?

My job involves completing audits and social media intel reports, which show how companies are performing on social media and review sites. I research clients for the sales team and find areas where Digital Air Strike can help them improve their social media presence and their online reputation. I also assist other departments with special projects, and this allows me to learn how our company operates from start to finish.

What’s something most people would find surprising about working at Digital Air Strike?

The CEO and the entire exec team are so accessible here. They have open door policies as well as monthly luncheons with new hires and those celebrating anniversaries with the company. They use that time to ask about suggestions and/or improvements and discuss plans to implement them. Each person truly has a voice in how we operate.

What’s your favorite part so far about working at Digital Air Strike?

The culture here is amazing! Digital Air Strike does a great job creating an environment where employees enjoy coming to work and engaging with each other socially as well as professionally.

What’s one project you’re really excited about?

After employees expressed interest in learning more about the other departments and looking at the big picture in terms of what we do, we decided to implement a “career day” where the departments can show each other the part they play in providing a great service for our clients.

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Is there anything in particular you did during your application process that you think helped you stand out?

After my interview, I wrote a letter to HR and my soon-to-be managers to let them know how special I thought the company was and how eager I was to join their team. I think this simple follow-up made all the difference.

Is there anything from The Muse that helped you out in your job hunt?

The Muse is so thorough when creating profiles for companies. I learned so much about Digital Air Strike, which helped me then explain in my interview why I would be such a great fit.

What advice would you have for someone who wants a job like yours?

I’ve been in Phoenix almost two years now and never had much luck finding full-time work, let alone a job that I would actually enjoy. But, I was determined to find the right place and not settle. It takes a great deal of patience and you have to trust the process. Finding Digital Air Strike made it all worth it!

Updated 6/19/2020