Do you feel stifled or uncreative in the workplace? You aren’t alone. A recent study by IBM revealed that creativity is the number one factor for future business success, yet ironically, as corporations continue to grow, this characteristic is slowly getting pushed out of the equation.

Silicon Valley design leader Catherine Courage challenges this direction, arguing that everyone has the inherent human trait of creativity. She suggests that creativity should not be relegated to a small community of more artistic right-brained thinkers but rather harnessed by the more logical left-brain thinkers as well.

Courage explains how productivity in the workplace needs to be inspired through environments, experiments, and storytelling. Rather than accepting the status quo of standardized cubicles, black ink pens, and recycled ideas, Courage pushes us to rethink and reshape our work environments in ways that allow for inventive growth.

Watch her inspiring talk below to learn how you can help reshape your company and move in a smarter, stronger, and infinitely more creative direction.

Photo of creative office courtesy of Shutterstock.

Updated 6/19/2020