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It’s not easy being a working parent, and it makes a big impact when your employer supports those who need to show up for both their jobs and their family. These companies get it. They all offer benefits and programs that allow their employees to thrive in their careers without having to make sacrifices at home.

In addition to offering at least 15 weeks of paid leave after childbirth and paid partner leave, these employers go the extra mile. For example, some provide fertility benefits and adoption assistance and others offer unlimited paid time off for additional work-life flexibility. You’ll even find companies that aim to give their team members peace of mind through backup childcare and elder care programs.

If having a family-friendly work environment is a priority as you search for your next job opportunity, consider applying to one of these companies. Click below to see their open roles—they’re all hiring now.


Carta company profile
Carta culture
Working at Carta

Carta has a slate of incredible benefits for employees. In addition to parental leave (12 to 22 weeks), the company instituted a $10K childcare stipend during the COVID-19. Employees also benefit from mental health support, unlimited book reimbursement, and unlimited PTO—with a requirement of 15 days off at minimum. The company covers fertility benefits, and reimbursement for employees traveling for abortion procedures. Carta is committed to thinking creatively about ways to support its people—its policies evolve alongside the changing needs of its workforce.


Atlassian company profile
Atlassian culture
Working at Atlassian

Becoming a parent is a major milestone and Atlassian strives to offer caregivers time to spend with their children and family. To help support families, Atlassian provides 26 weeks of paid leave for birthing parents and 20 weeks of paid parental leave for non-birthing parents. We are committed to offering employees health and life benefits designed to meet the needs of Atlassians and their families. In the United States, Atlassian pays 100% of the monthly health and life benefits premiums for employees and eligible dependents. We also partner with Bright Horizons Back-Up Care to give employees access to backup care for their children, adults, and elderly family members.


Avanade company profile
Avanade culture
Working at Avanade

Avanade offers all primary caregivers, whether through birth or adoption, 16 weeks of parental leave. Secondary caregivers get two weeks of leave at 100% pay. The company also offers fertility benefits and adoption assistance. When the time comes to return to work, Avanade also wants to make life easier and provide peace of mind by offering backup care services for small children. (This benefit can also be used for aging relatives.) The company also offers remote work and flexible schedules and healthcare coverage for the entire family.


Intel company profile
Intel culture
Working at Intel

Intel provides up to 16 weeks paid disability for the reason of pregnancy (four weeks pre-birth and 12 weeks post birth). Through the Intel Paid Bonding Leave, eligible employees also receive up to 12 weeks of paid leave within the first 12 months following the child’s birth, adoption, or placement in foster care. When returning to work after bonding leave, Intel’s New Parent reintegration program allows parents to transition back to a regular full-time schedule by working a part-time schedule for up to 30 calendar days while receiving full-time pay.

Additionally, Intel employees are eligible to receive a lifetime maximum of $40,000 for expanded conception services, plus $20,000 of prescription drug coverage for conception-related conditions. U.S. employees can also receive up to $15,000 reimbursement for qualified adoption expenses per adoption. Other family benefits include the Andy Grove Scholarship for Intel Employees' Children program, access to free online tutoring services, discounted enrollment on childcare services, emergency backup childcare and up to 8-week Intel Paid Family leave.

Nitro, Inc.

Nitro, Inc. company profile
Nitro, Inc. culture
Working at Nitro, Inc.

In addition to having a flexible work environment, Nitro provides primary caregivers with up to 20 weeks of parental leave, followed by a phased return-to-work plan that is customized to each person’s specific needs. Secondary caregivers, including new parents via adoption and surrogacy, receive eight weeks of parental leave. The company also provides a $500 stipend for new parents to use as they see fit, such as hiring a lactation consultant or signing up for baby classes.

Nitro also provides support in family planning: Employees have access to fertility treatments and other related benefits through a partnership with Maven, and they get 10 days of dedicated parental leave for fertility treatments, doctor’s appointments, and adoption appointments, regardless of birthing status. In the event of a loss of miscarriage, parents receive two weeks of leave and are eligible for a custom phased return-to-work plan.


Electric company profile
Electric culture
Working at Electric

At Electric, mothers receive paid leave for 18 to 20 weeks after childbirth (depending on their recovery needs), and secondary caregivers get 12 weeks of paid leave. Additionally, we provide health benefits for dependents, so the whole family has coverage, as well as fertility benefits through Kindbody and free telehealth visits for families via HealthJoy. We also offer the convenience of remote work with flexible schedules, and we send monthly subscription boxes of toys for our employees’ kids to enjoy.


Cobalt company profile
Cobalt culture
Working at Cobalt

Cobalt is a fast-growing series B+ startup that is redefining pentesting and making cybersecurity easier and more accessible. With employees located across the US, Germany, and the UK (and soon to expand to more locations), our flexible, asynchronous, and remote-first environment is ideal for our working parents! Cobalt's parent perks empower them to have a healthy work-life balance, with up to 16 weeks of paid parental leave, unlimited paid time off, and additional health benefits for dependents. Join us today and focus on what matters the most to you!

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow company profile
Stack Overflow culture
Working at Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow pays 100% of most premiums for the employee and their family. In addition, we offer 16 weeks of parental leave for all caregivers, adoption assistance reimbursement of up to $5,000, and new parents can expense up to $500 for take-out meals during the first four weeks that they spent at home with their new baby.

We provide assistance programs and dependent care programs, as well as membership to the Calm app that helps employees and their families run their lives a little more smoothly. Stack Overflow also has an unlimited sick time policy. If you’re not feeling well, either mentally or physically, we encourage you to take time to heal. Stack offers flexibility to work remotely across the world with retirement resources and monthly fitness reimbursements.

TMA - The Marketing Arm

TMA - The Marketing Arm company profile
TMA - The Marketing Arm culture
Working at TMA - The Marketing Arm

TMA fosters a culture in which parents in every stage of life can thrive personally and professionally. We empower all employees with wide latitude to determine when and where they work. For parents and caregivers, this unlocks the ability to tend to the needs of their families, which can entail healthcare appointments, nursing, transporting to and from school, and honoring special occasions. It also unlocks time for self-care, which is so vital in any caregiving dynamic. Under some circumstances, roles can be fully remote, freeing employees to reside anywhere they deem best for their family’s well-being.

Within the agency, we have employee-led communities that strive to ensure parents and caregivers succeed through career development, connection and wellness. After a year of service, employees are eligible for a minimum of 15 weeks paid parental leave after childbirth. Benefit-eligible employees can access fertility benefits and adoption assistance in addition to health benefits for dependents.


Discord company profile
Discord culture
Working at Discord

Discord is working toward an inclusive world where no one feels like an outsider and where genuine human connection is a click, text chat, or voice call away. A place where everyone can find belonging. Challenging? Heck yes. Rewarding? Double heck yes. It’s a mission that gives us the chance to positively impact millions of people all over the world. So if this strikes a chord with you and you’re equally comfortable communicating in memes and gifs as you are in code or decks, come build belonging with us!

In addition to at least 15 weeks of paid leave after childbirth and paid paternity or partner leave, Discord offers a $20,000 reimbursable benefit for fertility and adoption related services, flexible working hours and remote work, and healthcare coverage for the whole family.

Blueprint Medicines

Blueprint Medicines company profile
Blueprint Medicines culture
Working at Blueprint Medicines

Blueprint Medicines is a global precision therapy company that aims to invent life-changing therapies for people with cancer and rare diseases. Patients are at the center of everything we do. We know that in order to make a difference in their lives, we must create an environment where our employees—also known as the Blue Crew—can do their best work. Our culture of transparency, curiosity, and diversity pushes us to lead with integrity, act courageously, and draw upon a wide range of backgrounds and perspectives to make decisions. Ideas come from everywhere, from the C-suite to new hires, and each day we commit to approach one another with respect and trust.

We care deeply about making a profound impact where it matters most. Learn more about who we are and explore our career opportunities below to join us on this journey.

Asensus Surgical

Asensus Surgical company profile
Asensus Surgical culture
Working at Asensus Surgical

Asensus Surgical offers employees up to 16 weeks of paid leave after the birth of a child. Secondary caregivers receive two weeks of paid parental leave. We also offer employees a hybrid work environment, allowing employees to work up to two days a week remotely. At Asensus Surgical, employees are given the option of dependent and family coverage in our medical, health savings account, vision, and dental benefits. Employees are also given volunteer opportunities to enroll their dependent and or family members in long-term disability coverage, short-term disability coverage, and voluntary life insurance.

Panorama Education

Panorama Education company profile
Panorama Education culture
Working at Panorama Education

We want to ensure Panorama is a place where existing and aspiring parents can thrive and succeed for years to come. In that spirit, we offer 16 weeks fully paid parental leave for all parents, regardless of caregiver status and tenure. We believe this is an important step in supporting our LGBTQIA+ parents and advancing gender equality. Following the return to Panorama from leave, parents have a four-week flexible transition period. This could look like returning part-time, no meeting days or adjusted schedule. We also provide at least two weeks of paid time off to parents who experience the pain of a miscarriage or late stage loss to give them space away from work to grieve, heal and support their partner.

In addition to flexible schedules, remote work, and healthcare coverage for the whole family, we provide equitable pay for Panoramians on variable compensation plans, who will be paid their base salary and pro-rated, on-target-earnings for the duration of their parental leave. We want all parents to enjoy time with their growing family and have equitable access to this fully paid benefit.


TransUnion company profile
TransUnion culture
Working at TransUnion

We offer 16 weeks of 100% paid leave after childbirth or adoption and six weeks paid paternity/partner leave, as well as fertility benefits, adoption assistance, flexible schedules, remote work, student loan repayment assistance, tutoring for children, and health coverage for the entire family. We also offer discounts on daycare and provide up to 10 days of back-up care through Care.com.


McMaster-Carr company profile
McMaster-Carr culture
Working at McMaster-Carr

McMaster-Carr is an e-commerce company offering more than half a million products used to keep businesses in motion. The company owes its success to experimentation and innovation and invites team members to put their creativity to work. Whether the job is automating distribution operations, researching new products, or improving the company’s app, people flourish when they love to learn and pursue ambitious goals. An emphasis on curiosity and development leads to hiring for capability more than skill and celebrates diverse studies, experiences, backgrounds and identities. McMaster-Carr’s commitment to an inclusive workplace is evident in the way they form teams and develop on-site resources.

Capital One

Capital One company profile
Capital One culture
Working at Capital One

At Capital One, we offer benefits to support your growing family, including eight weeks off for new parents (including birth via a surrogate, adoption, and foster care), 18 weeks off for parents who give birth, as well as fertility coverage, and adoption and surrogacy reimbursement. We also offer back-up childcare, college coaching for your kids, and generous paid time off and floating holidays to maintain work-life balance.


Broadridge company profile
Broadridge culture
Working at Broadridge

At Broadridge, expecting moms receive 15 weeks of paid leave postpartum in addition to the 12 weeks offered under the ​​Family and Medical Leave Act (not to exceed 26 weeks total). New parents also receive up to six weeks of paid time off to spend time with a new child after birth, adoption, or foster care. For expecting moms, this benefit is in addition to time off through FMLA or similar state laws and salary continuation. Other benefits for families include back-up childcare and flexible work arrangements.

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Updated 8/15/2022