Let’s face it: Most of us are constantly on the go, without the luxury of time to change between a day at the office and an evening function or dinner out. But that doesn’t mean you need to show up to dates looking like you just ran there from the office (even if you did!).

Instead, create a look that can quickly be transformed from work to play. Here are three steps to going from desk to dinner in a flash—plus some great outfits to inspire your own day-to-night look.

Step #1: Dress in Layers

Start with a shirt or dress that will transition well from day to night (I like wearing silk or satin). To keep the look work-appropriate, top it with a cardigan, blazer, or sweater, then remove your outer layer before you leave the office.


Step #2: Change Up Your Jewelry

Swapping your pearls for shiny, metallic, or statement jewelry is an easy way to instantly change your look. If you're a fan of bracelets and chunky necklaces, time to pile them on!

Day to Night

Step #3: Kick Off Your Shoes

Going from conservative pumps to a strappy, opened-toed sandals or bold colored shoes instantly transforms your look to one that's evening-ready.


Pull it All Together

Simple, right? Follow these three steps, and you'll always be ready to pull together a gorgeous day-to-night look.


See how Jenny pulls her looks together on her YouTube channel!

Photos courtesy of Jenny Cao-Wu.