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Go to Grad School Week

Wondering if grad school is right for you? This week, we’re putting together a guide to the grad school experience, brought to you by those who know it best: current students and recent alums. Come back all week for an inside look at med school, law school, PhD programs, and more!

Check out what we've done so far:

MA Programs

Thinking about getting your master’s? In the wrap-up to our Grad School Guide, we sat down with three students and recent grads in three very different programs: Sports Marketing, Education, and Creative Writing.

MBA Programs

Thinking about b-school? We sat down with current students and a recent alum and learned more about what to expect from the admissions process, classes, and the post-grad job search.

Medical School

Ever thought about being a doctor? We sat down with three MD students and got an insider look at what med school is really like, plus some important insights for the application process.

PhD Programs

Thinking about an in-depth degree in your field? We sat down with three PhD students in three very different programs—Poli Sci, Communications, and Environmental Toxicology—to get their take on the grad school experience.

Law School

If you were a Poli Sci major in undergrad, love debating policy issues with your friends, or even just watch Law & Order as a guilty pleasure, you’ve probably contemplated law school at some point. We sat down with three students and recent grads and got their take on what the experience is really like.

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