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These Are Some of the Best Companies for Remote Work

Dropbox employee working from home on his laptop while sitting on his couch.
Courtesy of Dropbox

Remote work can improve your life—and career—in countless ways. For starters, you’ll save time and money without having a daily commute and can search for a new role based purely on your interests instead of just where you live. And for certain groups of folks, including parents and those with disabilities, working from home can offer a chance to find more job satisfaction.

If you want to experience the benefits above—or merely don’t want to feel obligated to set foot in an office—take a closer look at the 16 employers on this list. These companies are either fully remote with a completely distributed workforce or have taken a remote-first approach, meaning most of their employees have the option to WFH full time.

Keep reading to learn more about these remote work opportunities and have your resume ready to apply!


Instacart company profile
Instacart  culture
Working at Instacart

Flexibility is something we extend to our entire community. For customers, shoppers, and our employees, Instacart has always been about providing flexibility so you have more time to do what you love. With this in mind, we’ve designed Flex First—a new model that empowers employees to do their best work from wherever they’re based, while staying connected and building community through regular in-person events and collaboration.

No matter where you choose to work—from our offices, from home, or a mix of both, Instacart employees have the same opportunities to grow their careers and be productive and successful. Our high-impact and collaborative culture will continue to evolve as we provide our team the flexibility to support their lives, because work is just one ingredient for a full life.


Atlassian company profile
Atlassian  culture
Working at Atlassian

Team Anywhere is our approach to distributed work. We created it to give our employees more flexibility, tap into pools of talent beyond the urban hubs where our offices are located, and reimagine how work gets done—both for ourselves and our customers. So how does it work? Atlassians have flexibility in where they choose to work every day, whether it’s in an office, from home, or a combination of the two. That way, Atlassians have more control over supporting their family, personal goals, and other priorities. Employees can live in any of the 13 countries where we have legal entities and they can also work outside their designated “home base” for short periods of time each year. We want our team members to explore the world or spend time with far-flung family and friends if that’s what keeps them energized and balanced. Our digital-first culture means we default to virtual meetings and place greater emphasis on asynchronous communication to make this work. This levels the playing field so employees never feel like this flexible lifestyle holds them back.


Axios company profile
Axios  culture
Working at Axios

Axios is an audience-first news and technology company dedicated to getting consumers smarter, faster with news and information that matters. Axios offers a mix of original and smartly narrated coverage of topics and trends that matter today - and those that will shape the next decade - through newsletters, a news stream, a mobile app, and podcasts. We are relentless in our pursuit of excellence. We want what we build to matter and we want to work with people who share that passion.

Axios is a remote-first company. “We take the money reserved for office space and spend it on company retreats, team off-sites, and regional and local meetups. We encourage employees in the same city, regardless of their job, to get together at a bar or for coffee. The truth is people moved away, started new lives and habits, and often have a lot of choices where to work. It’s our job to tap into this and turn it into the best virtual, dispersed workplace ever,” says Axios CEO Jim VandeHei.


CrowdStrike company profile
CrowdStrike  culture
Working at CrowdStrike

At CrowdStrike, our mission is to stop breaches, and our purpose is a promise: to provide safety and security to some of the world’s largest, most influential companies and, by extension, the billions of people around the world who use their services. Our culture is built on the principles of innovation, autonomy, flexibility, and trust, and we foster a diverse, inclusive, and supportive work environment that enables our people to push the boundaries of what’s possible. We draw on the collective experience and deep cultural diversity of our workforce to refine our business model—and upend it completely, if need be. As a purpose-built remote-first company, we believe that cultivating a connected culture for every employee, no matter where they are in the world, is a key ingredient in building a high-performing organization.


Bounteous company profile
Bounteous  culture
Working at Bounteous

When you join Bounteous, you’re joining a global team that respects and adopts diverse perspectives to meaningfully transform the company, our clients, and our collective communities. From day one you’re supported through a variety of programs and offerings that prioritize your health and wellness. With remote-first work options, global collaboration centers, flexible time off policies, innovative health benefits, and more, you’re encouraged to work how and where you perform best. Your growth is supported with career advancement opportunities. Team members are empowered by belonging with an inclusive, people-first culture.

Our team members have the autonomy to find balance in their daily routines, whether that looks like picking the kids up from school or seeking adventure while maintaining their work. Jon spent a summer abroad with his family getting immersed in Italian culture, Freddie has decided to live in a different city every month as a digital nomad, and our mountain-loving team members adjust their working hours to allow for early morning snow skiing. Whether you want to work from a Bounteous collaboration center, the comfort of your home, the corner coffee shop, or a timeshare with a view, we encourage you to work how you want—the possibilities are endless and the support is boundless.


Intradiem company profile
Intradiem  culture
Working at Intradiem

We trust amazing people to do amazing things. That’s why we take a people-first approach, treating employees, customers, and each other with the dignity and respect we all deserve. Intradiem employees enjoy transparent leadership and unfettered growth opportunities. At Intradiem, you have ownership over work that directly impacts the business. Employees are treated like the whole people they are: with families, hobbies, and lives outside of work. We work remotely and promote a work-life blend for us and the people we love.

Intradiem is a remote-first company—and according to one employee, this has impacted their personal life enormously: “I have full autonomy to work when and where I need to without feeling micromanaged. I never have to worry about last-minute appointments or emergencies because I know I have the time and space to take care of myself and my family.”

The Muse 2022 VIBE Awards Winner: Best Companies for Health and Wellness Benefits, Professional Development, and Work Flexibility.

Simon Data

Simon Data company profile
Simon Data  culture
Working at Simon Data

At Simon Data, we know that our business’ success starts and ends with our people. We are a values-driven company, and believe growth comes from mutual respect, learning and development, listening to our peers, taking ownership of our success, and being committed to building strategically. We provide a flexible environment to accommodate the needs of all of our employees, which allows them to be successful without sacrificing the things in their lives that are truly important. We firmly believe that by providing an environment that is surrounded with friendly top performers who are committed to our success, great things will happen.

Simon Data is a remote-first company. We believe that our employees should work where they feel the most productive. While we have a physical location in New York City for those who prefer to work in an office, the majority of our company is 100% remote.

The Muse 2022 VIBE Awards Winner: Best Companies for Parental Benefits, Office Life and Perks, and Work Flexibility (honorable mention).


Sonatype company profile
Sonatype  culture
Working at Sonatype

Our vision at Sonatype is to transform the way the world innovates. While this may sound audacious, it’s what we’ve been focused on since day one. We’re doing this by helping organizations, through their developers, build higher-quality software that’s more aligned with business needs, more maintainable, and more secure. We believe a diverse team, varied experiences, and the support to share those perspectives is what makes it possible to succeed in such a lofty goal. While we have offices in the U.S., U.K., and Australia, our talented team lives and works anywhere and everywhere. From Alaska to Colombia to Singapore, our reach is wide and continues to grow.


Airbase company profile
Airbase  culture
Working at Airbase

We strive to build & nurture a culture where employees feel energized and connected to the work each day. Our core values are woven through our teams, leading to an overall sense of trust, transparency, and confidence. Being a fully remote culture, we support our employees with modern communication tools and intentional remote practices that keep everyone working collaboratively. As a fast-growing startup, we look to hire employees who are focused and have a strong sense of ownership to help us maintain our commitment to excellence and innovation.

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