You’ve probably heard breakfast is the most essential meal of the day. And while eating after you wake up is important, lunch, dinner, and snacks are, too. In fact, employees who consistently fuel their minds and bodies throughout the day are 25% more likely to have higher job performance than those who don’t.

Not all foods are created equally, though. Certain types contain nutrients that are well-equipped to provide a steady source of energy to your brain, while others cause dramatic blood sugar spikes that leave you relying on your best friend—caffeine—in the middle of the day.

The infographic below provides smart food choices for all the day’s meals and snacks, as well as those you should limit. So if you want to make smarter decisions and be more productive at your 9-to-5, read on. Your brain will thank you, and your boss might, too.

Infographic courtesy of Hubspot. Photo of happy eater courtesy of Shutterstock.

Updated 6/19/2020