Like any other addiction, working too much is harmful. But, with our society’s tendency to praise people who show up early, work through lunches, and—you’ve guessed it—stay late—it’s hard to see why it’s so bad for you. After all, we’d rather be known for working hard than for leaving at 6 PM every single day, right?

Right—until our workaholic habits becomes so severe that it hurts our health, our relationships, and ultimately, our performance. So, how do we end this before it leads us to burnout? Well, the first step to solving any problem is always recognizing there is one.

Wrike has created a simple 10-question quiz to evaluate just how much of a work addict you are. Take a few minutes to complete the quiz. Then, if I know you like I think I know you, take the following few minutes to schedule a vacation. Or, at the very least, a day off.

Infographic courtesy of Wrike. Photo of workaholic courtesy of Shutterstock.