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Create a Fabulous Home Office—In Your Closet!

If you’ve ever lamented your lack of a home office, there’s a new trend that may solve your problem—The Closet Office. While your digs might not have a guest room to spare, you surely have a closet, and therein, a solution. All you need is a few hours and a nearby office supply store, and you’ve got a clever way to make the most of your small space.

Ready to work from home? Follow our step-by-step guide for transforming your closet into an enviable office.

1. Empty it Out

First, remove your clothes (from your closet, not your body!). You can just as easily store them in a wardrobe (like this sleek and affordable IKEA version)—while saving your built-in space for your new office.

2. Make it Special

To really make your office feel like its own “room” and enhance the illusion of a deeper space, create contrast between the inner walls of the closet and the rest of the room’s walls. You can use a brightly colored paint, or even consider installing patterned wallpaper. (If you’re a renter, check out the temporary adhesive wallpaper at Tempaper.)

3. Furnish Your Space

Outfit your office with furniture that fits and maximizes your space. If a desk can’t squeeze in, that’s OK—just install a few rows of shelves. They’ll offer the same look and functionality, plus allow you to slide in a filing cabinet underneath.

4. Pep the Place Up

Now, the real fun begins: Adding flair.

Frame graphic or floral prints and place them on your desk or shelves. Or, for an even easier décor solution, fill two glass jars with brightly colored candies and place them on opposite sides of a shelf—you’ll combine symmetry with style (not to mention snacks!). And of course, it’s hard to go wrong with a bouquet of fresh flower or even colorful silk blossoms to add some cheer to your new space.

Finish off the stylish look with traditional office supplies, but in surprising colors, with products by Poppin.

5. Don’t Forget the Doors

If your closet has doors, you’re in luck: Your usable office real estate has just doubled. Hang white boards or cork boards and affix file folders to the doors for instant storage and floor-to-ceiling organization space. Best of all, your supplies can be tucked away as easily as you can swing the door shut.

And if your closet comes sans doors, consider adding a curtain to keep your space out of sight when you’re done with work for the day.

6. Let There Be Light

We’re guessing your closet doesn’t come equipped with natural light, but you’ll need it to actually get work done in there! Consider using Chromalux bulbs, which mimic natural light and cause the least strain on your eyes.

Your lack of square footage should never prevent you from making your productive place into an inspiring space. With your new closet office is all set up and ready, you may still be spatially challenged, but at least you’ll have a fantastic home office to call your own.

Photos courtesy of John VanderHaagen, I Heart Organizing, and The Blooming Hydrangea.

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