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Feeling lost in your job search? Don't fret, we've got you covered. We've compiled a list of 27 amazing companies that are all hiring right now.

Read on, polish up your resume, and get ready to interview. You'll be walking into a new office in no time.

1. company profile culture
Working at

A lot can be done at Users can search and book any kind of accommodation, from over 28 million listings in more than 130,000 destinations. They can find fun things to do while there. And when it comes to getting around—whether that’s to and from the airport, or a set of wheels to explore with— has that covered too.

At, constant learning through online and internal classes is encouraged, but bonding never takes the backseat. Regular gatherings give employees time to mingle after hours, while organized events and off-sites give teams time to work together solving problems—both related to work and just for fun. And because teams are so diverse, many in-office celebrations combine traditions from various cultures—which means the cakes and treats are always deliciously different.

2. Broadridge

Broadridge company profile
Broadridge culture
Working at Broadridge

Broadridge, a global fintech with $4 billion in revenue listed on the S&P 500, provides communications, technology, data, and analytics solutions. The company helps drive business transformation for clients with solutions for enriching client engagement, navigating risk, optimizing efficiency, and generating revenue growth. Broadridge works with some of the world’s largest financial institutions and over 5,000 brands in industries from telecommunications to healthcare.

Broadridge believes success is always mutual, which is why the company has created a culture where the highest goal is to empower others to achieve more—whether they be business partners or the community. By working with community organizations, providing educational opportunities in underserved areas, donating resources to charitable causes and simply volunteering time, Broadridge employees hope to elevate their communities and extend success where success is demanded.

3. GLG

GLG company profile
GLG culture
Working at GLG

GLG is helping its clients change the world every day by connecting them with the smartest experts. With a global presence across 22 offices in 12 countries, and more than 2,000 talented, passionate professionals, GLG is powering smarter business for a world that works better.

GLG understands that its employees want to learn new skills, work with different teams, and experience other environments as they navigate their careers—and the company is committed to making GLG a place where all of that happens. With 22 offices around the world, GLG is also pleased to offer ample travel opportunities for employees.

4. Duo Security

Duo Security company profile
Duo Security culture
Working at Duo Security

Duo was founded with the belief that security can only be effective if it is easy to use. Through that vision, Duo has built a world-class security platform that strives to be intuitive for clients. Duo supports thousands of customers—like Twitter, Facebook, Yelp, Etsy, Toyota and Kayak—and millions of users in organizations. Duo holds a 98% Tech Validate score and one of the highest Net Promoter Scores of any product.

Duo Security fosters an environment where employees can pursue their own ideas about how to build a great business. The company prides itself on having an open, collaborative environment where a diverse group of people can come together to do their best work, learn together, and build memories.

5. Baker Tilly

Baker Tilly company profile
Baker Tilly culture
Working at Baker Tilly

Baker Tilly is a nationally recognized full-service accounting and advisory firm with offices throughout the Midwest and East Coast. Founded in 1931, the firm is dedicated to understanding client goals and providing effective solutions. Going beyond merely preparing taxes and conducting audits, the firm seeks to serve as a valued business advisor and be the first place clients call with questions. As an independent firm within a larger network, Baker Tilly is also able to offer global insights to its clients.
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With its great benefits, culture, and work-life balance, Baker Tilly proves that it truly values its employees. Everyone in the company has an open door policy so that questions never go unanswered, and managers want to see their employees succeed and are always willing to lend a helping hand.

6. Zynga

Zynga company profile
Zynga culture
Working at Zynga

Zynga aims to connect people through social gaming experiences, and is known for developing some of the world's most popular programs. From FarmVille, Zynga Poker, and Words With Friends to Hit it Rich! and CSR Racing, the company’s creations are played by millions of people around the world each and every day. As mobile and web gaming surpass even email in terms of time spent online, Zynga is poised to take over the industry. Incredible opportunities are available in the group’s U.S., Canada, U.K., and India offices.

Any creative endeavor takes courage and vulnerability to undertake, and at Zynga, employees thrive in an environment that encourages risk-taking, honest dialogue, and constructive criticism. Employees are rewarded through a “thank you” note system, and even the office space—with its bright, open environments balanced with private work rooms—contributes to the feeling of openness at Zynga.

7. Storyblocks

Storyblocks company profile
Storyblocks culture
Working at Storyblocks

Storyblocks wants more stories being told around the world. To achieve this, the company provides low-cost access to high-quality content so anyone can be a creator and share the story they want to tell. And Storyblocks is a great place to build a career, too. Employees receive trust and autonomy from day one, and leadership is constantly looking for ways to build a healthy work culture in which team members feel safe taking risks. There's a comprehensive onboarding mentorship program, company-sponsored social events, and opportunities for co-workers to get to know each other one-on-one (often over donuts—yum!).

In addition to in-office fun, the Storyblocks family incorporates off-site bonding into a typical week. Sometimes this comes in the form of impromptu group lunches with mini laser-tag sessions, downtown scavenger hunts, and local tech meet-ups—and other times it involves mountain resort trips or West Coast city visits that blur the lines between cultural development and business planning.

8. Trustwave

Trustwave company profile
Trustwave culture
Working at Trustwave

Trustwave employees are excited to provide their clients with smartly managed cybersecurity services that help protect people’s privacy, fight cybercrime, and reduce online risk overall. Trustwave’s comprehensive and impressive portfolio of offerings includes in-depth security testing, expert consulting, customized technology solutions, and extensive cybersecurity education. Trustwave is the global security arm of Singtel, Optus, and NCS.

Here's the inside scoop on what interests Trustwave most in potential employees: A few sound skills and a bit of background. Even if applicants aren’t able to meet every requirement, Trustwave is willing to teach anyone with the right attitude and an aptitude for learning—and who will later be interested in turning around and teaching all the knowledge they’ve learned to new co-workers.

9. Newsela

Newsela company profile
Newsela culture
Working at Newsela

An education technology startup, Newsela is dedicated to transforming the way students access the world through words. The amazing team combines powerful technological know-how with real-world experience earned in classrooms, newsrooms, and the boardroom. Five days a week, Newsela publishes high-interest news articles at five levels of complexity for grades 2 through 12, using unique and proprietary processes.

Being an ed-tech startup, Newsela’s culture is very supportive of learning. In addition to various office workshops, there’s an education program employees can use for professional development. The office also hosts Lunch and Learn sessions most weeks focusing on a diverse range of topics. Recent sessions have included the Basics of SQL, How to Backpack Through Patagonia, and California’s Propositions on the Ballot.

10. Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory

Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory company profile
Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory culture
Working at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory

APL leads the 21st century into the future by operating on the cusp of technological exploration. The nonprofit research center has an impressive name tied to it—but has a more impressive list of accomplishments and goals. APL scientists, engineers, and analysts deliver solutions for national security and scientific challenges to keep America and its innovators looking toward tomorrow.

Though APL team members boast impressive resumes, the collaborative working environment pushes them to continuously learn. While generous tuition reimbursement and a part-time Masters program give staff the opportunity to learn in a traditional classroom setting, APL allows people to become lifelong learners by attending industry conferences or taking on projects outside the norm.

11. MDA

MDA company profile
MDA culture
Working at MDA

A career at Muscular Dystrophy Association—or MDA—is a career with purpose. Through its innovations in science, MDA is accelerating the deveopment of therapies and cures, and through its innovations in care is providing programs and services that enhance the lives of people with neuromuscular disease. Employees aid in MDA's mission every day by finding research breakthroughs, caring for kids and adults, and empowering families with services and support.

MDA sets employees up for success. When new employees start at MDA, they go through an extensive onboarding process that they feel is far better than any training they’ve experienced before. For the first 30 days, new hires are completely immersed in the company’s mission—to get a holistic understanding of why the team works so hard for the families they serve.

12. Rakuten Rewards

Rakuten Rewards company profile
Rakuten Rewards culture
Working at Rakuten Rewards

Founded as Ebates in 1998, Rakuten Rewards is a pioneer in Cash Back and shopping rewards. Rakuten Rewards has 12 million members have earned over $1 billion in Cash Back at their favorite stores. They are the largest free loyalty program in the United States and jersey badge sponsor of the Golden State Warriors.

The biggest perk of working in San Francisco? Being at the epicenter of technology, business, startups, and established companies. SF’s energy is electric, and Rakuten Rewards employees love having a variety of sources for inspiration. With a staff of exceptionally smart people and a mission to transform the online shopping experience, Rakuten Rewards is proud to be part of a tech scene that’s innovating more every day.

13. Procore Technologies

Procore Technologies company profile
Procore Technologies culture
Working at Procore Technologies

Procore started as a software solution to the real-life problems Procore’s CEO encountered during the construction of his family’s home. From that beginning, Procore has grown to be the provider of the most widely used construction management software in the industry. Procore serves clients around the world, furnishing them with cloud-based software that increases efficiency—and profitability.

One of the first things Procore employees often mention is the location of the company headquarters—upon a picturesque bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Beyond that picturesque perk, Procore employees really value their sense of community connection, as exemplified in the genuine friendships among their teams and their shared feeling of personal investment in the company.

14. KDM Engineering

KDM Engineering company profile
KDM Engineering culture
Working at KDM Engineering

Owned and founded by a female electrical engineer, KDM Engineering set out to create the best primary distribution design and project management firm the Chicago area had ever seen. The organization aims to set itself apart in attention to detail, top-notch customer service, and on-time, under-budget deliveries, all by continuing to develop a team of diverse and experienced engineers.

KDM Engineering strives to create a working atmosphere where employees can thrive on their own stress-free accord. The company believes that in the new age and style of working culture, a laid-back office space equals higher productivity, and higher productivity equals more confident employees—who complete projects with more impressive results.

15. First Look Media

First Look Media company profile
First Look Media culture
Working at First Look Media

First Look Media is a combination of entertainment and journalism—uniquely structured as a hybrid for-profit commercial business and a non-profit operation, both with the shared goal of influencing culture and society through stories of consequence.

The First Look Media team is comprised of open-minded collaborators, and whether they’re forging friendships that transcend the 9-to-5, enjoying the view from their roof deck, or getting their office ping-pong on, it all comes from a place of sincerity, collaboration, and conviction—and a little bit of wanting to dominate at ping-pong, too.

17. F5 Networks

F5 Networks company profile
F5 Networks culture
Working at F5 Networks

Founded in 1996, F5 originally made a name for itself with load-balancing products. Since then, F5 has become a market leader and expanded its offerings to include the everything in the application delivery space—from load-balancing and acceleration to a whole host of security and authentication products, both on the cloud and at local datacenters.

In the ever-changing security landscape, it takes constant focus to remain ahead of the curve, and F5 is devoted to providing education to develop its employees and their talents. With all the resources of a large company combined with the agile mindset of a startup, F5 has remained a steady market leader in a notoriously unsteady market.

18. The Predictive Index

The Predictive Index company profile
The Predictive Index culture
Working at The Predictive Index

At the core of The Predictive Index’s "THREADS" philosophy—teamwork, honesty, reliability, energy, action, drive, and scope—is the idea that understanding people is the key to unlocking their potential, and the key to understanding is behavioral assessment. A company with over 60 years of data and expertise, The Predictive Index was acquired by former clients in 2014 and is busy expanding its research, reach, and capabilities.

At The Predictive Index, it’s better to make errors of action than errors of inaction. To make breakthroughs, people need an environment where it’s safe to make mistakes and learn. The Predictive Index fosters a workspace where different viewpoints are welcomed and every voice counts—a place where everyone can ask anyone for guidance.

19. DMC Atlanta

DMC Atlanta company profile
DMC Atlanta culture
Working at DMC Atlanta

Founded in 2003 with just eight people, DMC Atlanta has grown to over 700 employees in 50 offices around the country through a results-driven philosophy and a commitment to bringing its clients life-long customers. In the next few years, DMC hopes to expand to hundreds of new offices around the country—and then, the world.

DMC Atlanta encourages employees to have fun with the work they do. The team comes into the office expecting to have a good time—with each other, with the work, and especially with clients. Every employee’s goal is to have such a good time that they can be the best part of a client’s day.

20. Peloton

Peloton company profile
Peloton culture
Working at Peloton

Founded in 2012, Peloton is committed to creating a cutting-edge and engaging fitness experience that makes working out at home a viable and inspiring option. Through its combination of live-streaming studio fitness content and the most technologically advanced, socially connected indoor fitness equipment, Peloton offers a variety of live and on-demand workouts led by elite NYC instructors to bring the rush of group fitness right into their members’ homes.

Peloton is committed to keeping members first above all else, and the company leaves no stone unturned when it comes to ensuring the wellness of its employees—offering a wide range of benefits to assist with professional and personal development both inside and outside the office, such as programs for tuition reimbursement and even student loan assistance.

21. InfoCision

InfoCision company profile
InfoCision culture
Working at InfoCision

InfoCision is a leading telemarketing enterprise with over 30 call centers spanning several states, including Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Its dedicated team of more than 3,000 employees work tirelessly 24/7 to provide extensive customer service, sales, and non-profit fundraising efforts to the world’s most notable brands and institutions, such as St. Jude and Verizon.

At InfoCision, employee engagement and hosting a fun workplace are top priorities. Employees participate in morale-boosting games and indulge in delicious snacks provided by the company. InfoCision’s unique culture gives the perfect balance between work and home life, allowing employees to "Work Happy" and "Live Happy."

22. Encore Event Technologies

Encore Event Technologies company profile
Encore Event Technologies culture
Working at Encore Event Technologies

Encore Event Technologies is a leading provider of unique, creative, and innovative in-house audiovisual services for hotels, conference centers, and resorts globally. Encore focuses on creating completely customized experiences designed around the specific aesthetic of each client, ultimately taking visions and turning them into amazing realities.

Not only does Encore have some of the best people in the event industry, but the company works with some of the world’s biggest businesses and hotel brands. Team members also get to work with the best technology, whether they are on property or traveling to produce a client event. But, none of that matters without an environment where team members work with and support each other, share successes, and partner with each other to make every client interaction, and every day, a great one.

23. Signpost

Signpost company profile
Signpost culture
Working at Signpost

Founded in 2010, Signpost's automated technology helps small businesses maximize marketing. Named one of America's Most Promising Companies by Forbes, and ranked a Top Workplace by The Austin American Statesman and Crain's New York, Signpost's marketing engine captures consumer calls, emails, and data to build loyal, valuable relationships between business owners and customers.

Signpost employees recognize that starting a new job can be a bit nerve-racking and go out of their way to make new hires feel welcomed on day one. Functioning as close-knit cross-departmental teams, colleagues network and socialize across the company with pleasant introductions, group lunches, happy hours, and other local adventures.

24. SoundHound, Inc.

SoundHound, Inc. company profile
SoundHound, Inc. culture
Working at SoundHound, Inc.

SoundHound is an industry-leading innovator of voice-enabled AI and conversational intelligence technologies, like the SoundHound app used by over 300 million people, and Hound, the voice search and assistant app. It brings developers and business owners independent platforms that include the world’s fastest speech recognition, the most sophisticated natural language understanding, easy-to-use developer tools, knowledge graphs, and a large—and rapidly growing—number of domains.

SoundHound understands that even small teams can achieve greatness. It all starts with finding employees who love coming to work in the morning and are passionate about the things they’re working on. Managers focus on finding the role and alignment that will bring out the best in each team member. Passion and performance go hand-in-hand here.

25. Abaco Systems

Abaco Systems company profile
Abaco Systems culture
Working at Abaco Systems

Abaco Systems is the global leader in open architecture embedded systems. The company’s 800-plus professionals offer unwavering focus on customer success through market-leading commercial and custom product creation. Abaco’s lifecycle management programs are made to increase efficiency, contributing to client savings and allowing initiatives to reach deployment stages sooner.

Abaco Systems recognizes that it would be going nowhere fast without the employees that make up the heart of the company. Leaders are there to serve the ultimate purpose of providing the resources and support needed for the short- and long-term success of the company—as well as that of each individual who the company employs.

26. Funko

Funko company profile
Funko culture
Working at Funko

Founded in 1998 as a bobblehead company, Funko has grown exponentially over the years, both in mission and in capability, to become the creator of the most ubiquitous and instantly recognizable Pop! collectibles for the most iconic characters from popular culture. With extensive licenses coupled with a massive distribution network, Funko’s future is only getting better.

Funko employees have the special pleasure of being able to spend their time creating products that make people happy. They have the even more rare opportunity to see this in action. With Funko’s presence at major fan conventions, Funko creators get to see first-hand how fans react during premier unveilings of secret products.


MAANA company profile
MAANA culture
Working at MAANA

Maana has invented a new way to represent industrial knowledge mathematically, using our patented computational knowledge graph. This innovation enables industrial companies to capture human expertise and data from across silos into digital knowledge to help employees make better and faster decisions. Using the Maana Knowledge Platform, Fortune 500 industrial companies can quickly develop AI-driven Knowledge Applications, that accelerate digitizing decision flows and operations.

Employees at Maana pop in and out of the office as their workload and personal schedules permit. The office’s open floor plan allows for deep discussion on innovative matters to occur naturally throughout the day, rather than dissipate in anticipation of a scheduled meeting time. Plus, it allows people to joke around and enjoy each other’s company.

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