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1. Asurion

Asurion company profile
Asurion culture
Working at Asurion

Asurion is a mobile and home product protection company that ensures consumers’ devices and appliances stay online and on the job in this fast-moving, tech-driven world. However, using innovative technology to power consumer gadget assistance doesn’t mean the company has overlooked the human aspect, since people still power the frontlines. As a result, Asurion’s known for personable interactions and reliable service.

If you’re craving flexibility and plenty of fun, you’ll feel right at home at Asurion. Employees think of Asurion’s office like a hub, though many team members work from home. This flexibility boosts work-life balance and makes professional development even more relevant. However, internal shenanigans still exist—like themed attire on release days, city scooter tours, and minor league games.

2. BCG Digital Ventures

BCG Digital Ventures company profile
BCG Digital Ventures culture
Working at BCG Digital Ventures

BCG Digital Ventures aims to insert startup-based innovation into the corporate world. The organization creates new profit pools for its corporate partners and transforms corporations into disruptive market forces by reinvigorating their current models with new designs and technology, sophisticated product management, and revolutionary business initiatives.

The people who work at BCG Digital Ventures are highly knowledgeable, hard-working, and incredibly excited about what they do. Every day is a new adventure—a sense of urgency and faced-paced forward-thinking pervades the office, and the employees love it. Team members inevitably grow close bonds with each other, regardless of their departments, due to the interdisciplinary approach the company takes for each project.

3. VICE Media

VICE Media company profile
VICE Media culture
Working at VICE Media

VICE is the world’s preeminent youth media company and content creation studio. Launched in 1994, VICE now operates in over 30 countries and distributes its programming to viewers across digital, linear, mobile, film, and social channels. VICE includes an international network of digital channels; a weekly and daily news programming partnership with HBO; a television and feature film production studio; a magazine; a record label; VIRTUE, an in-house creative services agency; and an international TV network, VICELAND.

Because VICE Media is constantly brimming with exciting ideas, the office atmosphere is always infused with energy. From the basement and stairwells right up to the company kitchen, teams meet in every spare space to discuss ongoing projects and upcoming deadlines. That’s why managers aren’t impressed by three-piece suits and refined resumes—they want to hear what folks do in their free time and what they’re working on when no one is paying them to create.

4. KellyMitchell

KellyMitchell company profile
KellyMitchell culture
Working at KellyMitchell

KellyMitchell is an award-winning, women-owned national technical staffing firm serving Fortune 500 and high-tech organizations on a global scale. Whether it’s a potential candidate seeking a job or an established employer looking to hire, KellyMitchell acts as the IT staffing liaison to help organizations across the country quickly and effectively meet all their personnel needs.

Whether it’s volunteer days, Christmas in July, monthly lunches, happy hours, or United Way Spirit Week, the KellyMitchell culture can be felt across all company offices, and is all about bonding as a team and growing as individuals. The team’s diverse backgrounds and viewpoints form a supportive, collaborative, and encouraging atmosphere of growth. “KellyMitchell is an environment where we’re always supported and consistently motivated. In terms of success, our opportunities are limitless,” says Sophia Georgantonis, Senior Technical Recruiter.

5. Pulte Mortgage

Pulte Mortgage company profile
Pulte Mortgage culture
Working at Pulte Mortgage

Founded in 1972, Pulte Mortgage has provided lending services to nearly half a million customers. They are a wholly owned subsidiary of PulteGroup - one of the nation’s largest homebuilders. They finance new home construction in approximately 50 markets for customers of Pulte Homes, Centex, Del Webb, DiVosta and John Wieland Homes and Neighborhoods. Pulte Mortgage is proud to be an equal opportunity employer.

Pulte has great employee tenure, and it’s no secret why. When individuals are valued, have room to grow, and are supported in that growth, they’ll stick around and develop with the company. Pulte employees have countless learning resources at their disposal, from vast internal opportunities to external conferences, memberships, and tuition assistance—all with ever-approachable colleagues and managers ready to show the way.

6. HED

HED company profile
HED culture
Working at HED

HED is composed of problem-solvers. As a fully integrated practice, team members works in partnership with each other and their clients—listening, sharing ideas, and engaging in resourceful collaborations to cultivate breakthroughs. Design is the big picture, the central unifying idea that informs every collective decision and action. HED understands its clients’ unique needs, and the team works diligently to produce a design that exceeds expectations.

HED employees strongly identify with the company’s four guiding principles, which help differentiate the firm from competitors—but that’s not the only thing setting HED apart. Approachable managers and a strong social learning environment foster professional relationships better than any training program. Plus, decision-makers continue to focus on collaborations and strong relationships as the employee count grows.

7. Kohl’s

Kohl’s company profile
Kohl’s culture
Working at Kohl’s

Kohl’s is an omnichannel retailer with over 1,100 stores stocked with amazing products—including national and exclusive brands our customers know and love. The company's purpose is to inspire and empower families to lead fulfilled lives—with a goal of being the most engaging retailer in America. Kohl’s Technology Teams explore, design, and develop new ways to make shopping experiences effortless and unique by leveraging bold innovations that push boundaries and revolutionize the way customers shop.

When it comes to professional development, Kohl’s really walks the walk. Associates are encouraged to take their careers into their own hands by taking advantage of everyday opportunities. From presentations by national tech leaders and mentoring programs to development chats with executives, Kohl’s is committed to creating an environment for associates to grow, lead, and learn.

8. Illumio

Illumio company profile
Illumio culture
Working at Illumio

Illumio, the leader in micro-segmentation, prevents the spread of breaches inside data centers and cloud environments. Enterprises such as Morgan Stanley, BNP Paribas, Salesforce, and Oracle NetSuite use Illumio to reduce cyber risk and achieve regulatory compliance. Illumio’s Adaptive Security Platform® uniquely protects critical information with real-time application dependency and vulnerability mapping coupled with micro-segmentation that works in any data center, public cloud, or across hybrid cloud deployments on bare-metal, virtualization machines, and containers. For more information, visit www.illumio.com/what-we-do or follow @Illumio.

One of the biggest benefits of working with a growing company like Illumio is the all-around impact employees have on the overall product and business. Each person’s work directly affects the outcome of the finalized product and success of the business. Additionally, every individual has the opportunity to work cross-departmentally to learn new aspects of the product and business.

9. Knot Standard

Knot Standard company profile
Knot Standard culture
Working at Knot Standard

Knot Standard is a custom-menswear company—allowing clients to meet in one-on-one appointments to create their own unique garments. Knot Standard makes fashion-forward custom clothing accessible to the masses—from suits, shirts, and pants to overcoats, rain jackets, and hoodie and jogger sets. Catering to the sophisticated man who is looking to attain a high-quality, fitted look, consumers can make their very own bespoke creations online or in one of Knot Standard’s eight global showrooms.

One of the most exciting aspects of working at Knot Standard? According to employees, it’s how the company manages to maintain its start-up feel and mentality. By celebrating successes (with outings ranging from skeet shooting to beach days!), and keeping everyone in the company inside the communication loop, employees are able to see the physical product their efforts produce—and stay motivated to keep pushing forward.

10. MediaRadar

MediaRadar company profile
MediaRadar culture
Working at MediaRadar

MediaRadar is a SaaS company that aims to provide real-time advertising insights, provide tools to outsmart the competition, and streamline sales processes. The company’s customizable, easy-to-use ad tracking software allows businesses to collect compelling market analysis that can be used to create targeted sales pitches and continually win new accounts. MediaRadar currently serves more than two million magazine, website, and e-newsletter brands.

According to employees, MediaRadar is a very transparent place where one can grow and succeed professionally. There aren’t any closed rooms, so everyone is available to talk to, collaborate with, and ask questions. MediaRadar’s CEO, Todd Krizelman, sits right next to his employees—regardless of seniority and title—and there’s also a TV, kitchen, and various games for employees to play when they want to reboot.

11. Core Digital Media

Core Digital Media company profile
Core Digital Media culture
Working at Core Digital Media

Core Digital Media is an industry leader in direct-response advertising founded in 1999. CDM combines its proprietary Performance Marketing Platform with a state-of-the-art data analytics capability to optimize billions of online display, social, mobile and search marketing impressions acquiring millions of high-quality customers for its clients. CDM is a trusted partner to the largest names in the financial services and education industries.

Core Digital Media's dynamic culture and sociable team is a great fit for applicants that are clever, personable, and—most importantly—adaptable. Being a thought leader that's friendly yet flexible to the industry's ever-changing technologies is key to achieving career success at the company—worthy qualities for interested candidates looking to take full advantage of Core Digital Media's infinite opportunities.

12. City of Fort Worth

City of Fort Worth company profile
City of Fort Worth culture
Working at City of Fort Worth

Founded in 1849, Fort Worth, Texas is one of the nation’s fastest-growing cities, currently boasting a population of more than 800,000 people. The city’s offices and online resources are the community’s one-stop shop for all things related to the area, including development, permits, transportation, garbage, recycling, social services, utilities, public records, animals, and more.

The City of Fort Worth knows exactly how cool its community is, and encourages employees to get out and take advantage of it all. Managers are always happy to work with people who request time off, fostering a true sense of work-life balance where employees get to experience cool activities around town as well.

13. PagerDuty

PagerDuty company profile
PagerDuty culture
Working at PagerDuty

PagerDuty is the leading digital operations management platform for businesses. It empowers DevOps, IT operations, support, security, and business leaders to turn any signal into insight and real-time action across any operational use case. When revenue and brand reputation depend on customer satisfaction, PagerDuty helps teams prevent and resolve business-impacting incidents and deliver exceptional digital experiences.

PagerDuty’s leadership recognizes that growing a strong company requires building a capable workforce, so an environment of constant development is fostered. There are tons of sponsored educational opportunities, as well as in-house events and conferences where employees can share their knowledge with each other. Even the daily stand-ups involve a rotational knowledge share. “If there’s something you’re interested in learning at this company, there’s always someone willing to sit down and teach it to you,” says Kat Gaines, Manager, Customer Support.

14. Washington REIT

Washington REIT company profile
Washington REIT culture
Working at Washington REIT

Washington REIT is a value-creation-focused owner and operator of high-quality multifamily, office, and retail assets in the Washington, DC metro area. The company creates value through the leasing, redevelopment, and ground-up development of real estate, applying a unique research-based approach to discovering strategic growth opportunities. Washington REIT has undertaken an aggressive strategic plan to transform the company for growth. This is just the beginning.

“Our best assets walk out of here every night to go home,” says Washington REIT’s President and CEO. To that end, the company believes in taking care of every single one of its employees. With an energetic and positive culture, open communication style, and a healthy serving of fun (just ask any team member about the regular happy hours or the epic holiday party!), Washington REIT knows what it means to truly value its employees.

15. Ahold Delhaize

Ahold Delhaize company profile
Ahold Delhaize culture
Working at Ahold Delhaize

Ahold Delhaize is one of the world’s largest food retail groups. The organization operates more than 20 different brands that each share a passion for delivering great products, a value for innovation, and an aim to create all-inclusive workplaces that provide rewarding professional opportunities. In addition, each location is committed to strengthening local communities.

While Ahold Delhaize employees love the supportive leadership, they’re also quick to mention the company’s commitment to both employee wellness and work-life balance. Need an example? The team likes to take outings to the nearby beach to hash out some serious decisions and then spend the remainder of the day playing volleyball, eating barbecue, and drinking delicious cocktails until long after the sun has set.

16. FreshDirect

FreshDirect company profile
FreshDirect culture
Working at FreshDirect

FreshDirect is a food tech company that provides online grocery shopping opportunities. Customers can shop for all the essentials, plus fresh-farm produce, meat and seafood, and even alcohol in NY State. The organization operates throughout seven states, mostly in major metropolitan areas, and is committed to sourcing only the highest quality offerings for its loyal clientele.

Employees appreciate the total transparency and the emphasis on wellness, and the various perks that FreshDirect offers (like steep discounts on products!) certainly don’t hurt either. A favorite perk of employees? Getting to sample all the yummy things the organization offers consumers. Specifically, the company has new FreshDeals that come out on the site each Thursday. So on the previous evening, everyone gets together to taste the fresh foods and delicious drinks—for quality assurance, of course—and have fun with friends.

17. Dow Jones

Dow Jones company profile
Dow Jones culture
Working at Dow Jones

Started in 1882, Dow Jones has delivered over 125 years of authoritative and ever-evolving journalism—innovatively bringing readers current events, issues, and insightful business information unfolding worldwide via print, web, mobile, multimedia, proprietary databases, and conferences. One of the largest news-gathering operations, Dow Jones' well-respected brands include The Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones Newswires, Factiva, Barron’s, MarketWatch, and Financial News.
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Dow Jones' interactive culture involves all employees in its creative processes. Newspaper layout meetings and live filming of shows take place openly in the middle of the newsroom—allowing employees freedom to observe or add ideas towards tomorrow's paper or website headline. Whether it’s meeting at the snack bar for coffee or chatting in passing, employees are in constant dialogue—working collaboratively to provide the best content for readers.

18. First Western

First Western company profile
First Western culture
Working at First Western

First Western is a private bank and trust company that delivers holistic wealth planning solutions for a person’s personal, business, and philanthropic needs. The firm’s Colorado, Arizona, California, and Wyoming offices offer comprehensively tailored financial solutions—from investment management and retirement planning to insurance and mortgage services—as well as full access to a team of local experts.

First Western Trust likes to celebrate and have fun. Whether it's hosting a cornhole tournament on the fifth floor, taking an outing to Top Golf, or gathering for team lunches or happy hour, the entire company enjoys getting together and having fun inside and outside the office. The organization and its associates agree that these get-togethers are a great way to blow off a little steam from the day.

19. Balsam Brands

Balsam Brands company profile
Balsam Brands culture
Working at Balsam Brands

Balsam Brands is an e-commerce retailer with roots in holiday and home décor. The company's bread and butter—or rather milk and cookies—are stunningly realistic, handcrafted, artificial Christmas trees. To further enhance homes for the holidays, Balsam Brands also designs and sells high-quality Christmas decorations, and it's always looking for new ways to create a festive and beautiful atmosphere for all types of celebrations.

The key to landing a job at Balsam Brands? Know yourself, know the company. If you exude that mix—that special sauce—of smarts and creativity, stirred with a love of people and collaboration, Balsam Brands would love to hear from you. And if this describes you to a capital T(ree), Balsam Brands will invest the time and resources necessary to support your growth.

20. Dealer-FX

Dealer-FX company profile
Dealer-FX culture
Working at Dealer-FX

Dealer-FX is transforming how millions of consumers interact with automotive brands and retailers. The customer experience management platform uses advanced data analysis and mobile applications to deliver convenience, transparency, and trust to consumers—and increased profitability, retention, and brand loyalty to dealers and global auto manufacturers, also known as Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). The company's ONE Platform is comprised of seven components that deliver the best dealer service experience available.

Dealer-FX is in the customer experience business, which is why it’s no surprise that the company takes relationship-building seriously. Dealer-FX hosts quarterly team-building events, boat cruises, Thirsty Thursday happy hours, sporting events, and even weekend trips to a cottage. For employees, these events forge new friendships and underscore why they like working for the company.

21. Ideosity

Ideosity company profile
Ideosity culture
Working at Ideosity

Ideosity partners with clients to digitally transform their businesses and reach their goals. This approach, combined with Ideosity’s product information management and master data management technologies, helps clients more effectively market their products in a multi-channel selling environment—resulting in increased sales, improved profitability, enhanced customer loyalty, and stronger channel partnerships.

Lots of companies say that they value their employees, but Ideosity backs up those words with action. Employees have fully covered health and dental insurance and are able to immediately contribute to their retirement plan with a 4% match. They also get unlimited paid time off, control over their own schedules, a free gym membership, and plenty of snacks throughout the day.

22. PrintFleet

PrintFleet company profile
PrintFleet culture
Working at PrintFleet

In PrintFleet’s earliest days, it existed under the umbrella of a toner manufacturing company. However, tracking demand and analyzing key device metrics with software shaped the company into what it is today—the first to offer rapid assessments and a comprehensive remote print monitoring application. The company's rapidly growing data-driven offerings are recognized as industry-leading solutions in the print management arena.

PrintFleet’s size enables employees at all levels to get involved in various projects—even those outside their general fields. The transparent management style loops in various perspectives before decisions are made, promoting a hands-on learning experience and open communication. Plus, the Executive Team asks for open conversations and contributions from any employee, making peer-learning just as beneficial as the tuition reimbursement.

23. Aspect Ventures

Aspect Ventures company profile
Aspect Ventures culture
Working at Aspect Ventures

In 2014, Aspect Ventures began stepping in along entrepreneurial journeys to bridge the gap between Seed and later stage funding—and there’s no team better to help turn great ideas into extraordinary companies. In fact, the value Aspect Ventures brings transcends monetary amounts, since the team comprises entrepreneurs and long-time investors who share invaluable insights that help actualize more than the bottom line.

Since Aspect Ventures is a startup itself, each employee has tremendous opportunity to make a lasting impact. From hosting thought leadership seminars to proposing new ideas, team members get to build their own careers while enabling young companies to launch theirs. A flat hierarchy and mentorship model of leading pushes individuals to think for themselves—while circling back to unite around one team-wide goal.

25. Braintree

Braintree company profile
Braintree culture
Working at Braintree

Founded in 2007 in a small office in Chicago, Braintree has grown to three offices and five different cities around the world. Braintree works to help its clients accept a number of different methods of online payment—making it easier for merchants to expand their businesses. Braintree’s list of clients includes major companies such as Airbnb, LivingSocial, and GitHub.

At Braintree, the entire team shares the desire to make continual efforts to improve the office atmosphere. Every other week, the group gets together in a retrospective meeting to discuss what’s working and what’s not, choose actionable goals, and work to make the office a place where every employee feels comfortable, collaborative, and creative.

26. d’aprile properties

d’aprile properties company profile
d’aprile properties culture
Working at d’aprile properties

A boutique real estate brokerage, d’aprile properties serves clients in and around the city of Chicago. Through passion, positivity, and first-hand experience, agents at the group have helped facilitate more than one billion dollars in property sales and purchases. By conspiring to create ideas and collaboration within the company, the team helps clients realize their real estate dreams.

Employees at d’aprile properties consider those in positions of leadership to be more like coaches than actual managers. By taking the time to identify in which areas each individual needs assistance and improvement—and then tailoring the perfect plan to those points—coaches continue to create success for the company and all its people. When it’s time to cut loose? The company has been known to plan some pretty epic and fun team events.

27. Keller Williams Realty International

Keller Williams Realty International company profile
Keller Williams Realty International culture
Working at Keller Williams Realty International

Keller Williams Realty tops the list when it comes to size—and ingenuity—since the company is the largest real estate franchise by agent count; uses an agent-centric, education-based approach to doing business; and is creating the real estate technology platform of choice for agents and consumers. Behind that army of talented agents is a corporate team committed to culture and dedicated to adding value to their associates.

Relationships between employees, leaders, and executives mimic a family tree instead of a title-based hierarchy—which supports open communication and collaborations that stretch from roots to treetop. Because they’re family instead of just co-workers, KWRI’s work-life balance and emphasis on taking care of people shines through all other perks—especially when company leaders share their profits with the team that created the success through a profit-sharing system.

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Updated 6/19/2020