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Inside Take-Two Interactive Software’s office in Sydney, Australia, as seen on The Muse.

We all know looking for a new job can be stressful at times, but at The Muse we’ve got you covered with everything you need in your search, from resume and cover letter tips to curated lists of companies with lots of amazing open roles—including these 30 employers that are hiring now!

You’ll find businesses in a mix of industries, from tech and healthcare to finance and client services—and they have a variety of positions to offer. For example, you can develop a video game’s narrative as a lead designer at Take-Two Interactive Software; establish client relationships as a customer success manager at Integral Ad Science; or help Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center achieve its mission to treat cancer as a software engineer.

Keep reading to learn more about these and other amazing companies, and check out their open roles!

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center company profile
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center culture
Working at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center has the ultimate mission: curing cancer. They approach this mission from multiple perspectives—from patient care to analytics to algorithms. As a leader in their field, employees must be eager to learn, passionate about the work they do, and able to clearly communicate their ideas. At MSK, everyone feels supported in trying new things, evolving the research they’re doing, and the conversations they’re having.

Take-Two Interactive Software

Take-Two Interactive Software company profile
Take-Two Interactive Software culture
Working at Take-Two Interactive Software

Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. is a leading developer, publisher, and marketer of interactive entertainment for consumers around the world. The company’s products are designed for console systems and personal computers, including smartphones and tablets, and are delivered through physical retail, digital download, online platforms, and cloud streaming services through its wholly-owned labels, Rockstar Games and 2K. The company continuously strives to create an environment in which employees are encouraged to be themselves, be inquisitive, and collaborate to achieve their goals. From empowering internships to one-on-one coaching, T2 provides the support their employees need to develop their careers.

Integral Ad Science

Integral Ad Science company profile
Integral Ad Science culture
Working at Integral Ad Science

Integral Ad Science is a global digital media quality organization that partners with advertisers and publishers to protect investments, capture consumer attention, and drive business impact. With 18 offices across 13 countries, the company is able to offer employees an incredibly diverse range of projects and growth possibilities to pursue, as well as many international travel opportunities.


SpotX company profile
SpotX culture
Working at SpotX

SpotX, an RTL Group company, is a global video advertising platform with 10 offices around the world. Headquartered in Denver, the business is filled with talented and collaborative people who are keenly focused on innovation and generating new ideas. SpotX’s leaders are always assessing the company’s priorities and adapting to the market to ensure that everyone is focused on the right projects. Staying ahead in such a fast-paced industry is key, and SpotXers are always willing to step up to get something done. There is never a dull moment—each day brings new challenges that keep the team motivated and passionate about their work.


Guidewire company profile
Guidewire culture
Working at Guidewire

Guidewire is a global market leader in insurance technology at the center of the emerging insurtech space. Priding itself on being there for its customers and their communities, Guidewire makes software that gives over 380 property and casualty insurance companies the tools to take care of their customers when they need it most, whether it's a time of crisis, a natural disaster, an accident, or exposure to cyber risks.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley with offices in over 15 countries, Guidewire develops cloud-deployed enterprise products and solutions across core processing, digital experiences, business intelligence, and predictive analytics. With a laser focus on the property and casualty insurance industry, Guidewire has been a market leader for over a decade.


Siemens company profile
Siemens culture
Working at Siemens

At Siemens, people are on a mission to change the world and are guided by their belief that “we make real what matters.” Siemens has more than 200,000 of the greatest minds coming together from around the world to work in the areas of smart infrastructure, manufacturing, digital industries, mobility, and healthcare. They know that diversity creates more opportunities for success which is why they are proud to be a global and diverse company designing and implementing over 7,600 different inventions around the world each year.

Pulte Mortgage

Pulte Mortgage company profile
Pulte Mortgage culture
Working at Pulte Mortgage

Pulte Mortgage’s company culture is centered around a core value system which includes Do the Right Thing, Work as a Unified Team, and Smile Daily—just to name a few. Since 1972, they’ve enjoyed building relationships with well over half a million families, helping each of them find the right mortgage for their needs. This also means that they recruit and hire employees who are dedicated to making a difference to be part of their Pulte family. To learn more about their parent company take a look at their PulteGroup page.

Blueprint Medicines

Blueprint Medicines company profile
Blueprint Medicines culture
Working at Blueprint Medicines

Blueprint Medicines is a global precision therapy company that invents life-changing therapies for patients with cancer and rare diseases. Patients are at the center of everything they do. In order to make a difference in patients’ lives, Blueprint Medicines strives to create an environment where its employees—also known as the Blue Crew—can do their best work. The company’s culture of transparency, curiosity, and diversity pushes its team to lead with integrity, act courageously, and draw upon a wide range of backgrounds and perspectives to make decisions. Ideas come from everywhere, from the C-suite to new hires, and each day, they commit to approach one another with respect and trust.

Blueprint Medicines’ team cares deeply about making a profound impact where it matters most. Learn more about them and explore their career opportunities to join them on this journey.

Modern Treasury Corp

Modern Treasury Corp company profile
Modern Treasury Corp culture
Working at Modern Treasury Corp

At Modern Treasury, they’re creating the conditions for personal and professional growth. They design their work environment to be uplifting and enriching—a place to engage in meaningful work, constantly learn, and pursue their long-term career journeys. Together, they create a space of psychological safety, and embrace diversity of thought, respectful debate, and intellectual curiosity.

They focus on profitability, which protects their employees’ livelihoods and ensures their continued ability to serve customers. They do so with decency, dignity, and truthfulness, earning them the right and privilege to remain in business. They know they will sometimes fall short, but they are unapologetic about striving. Modern Treasury is committed to the never-ending work it takes to build one of the world’s best companies.


GeoBlue company profile
GeoBlue culture
Working at GeoBlue

Maybe it is their beautiful home office. Or their “roll up your sleeves, can do” attitude which you can see in action, from the team in the mailroom to their CEO. Or the 20+ languages you can hear in the halls as their team interacts with members around the world. There is something that makes GeoBlue a special place to work. They offer the best of both worlds: a place where professional ambition meets work-life balance. A company that’s small enough for you to make your mark, but big enough to offer the security that comes from being part of a large entity in a growing industry.

Dime Community Bank

Dime Community Bank company profile
Dime Community Bank culture
Working at Dime Community Bank

Dime Community Bank is a thriving, growing, and top-ranked community bank headquartered in Suffolk County, NY. A simple axiom explains their approach: “We strive. We empower. We appreciate. We engage.” In short, the team at Dime Community Bank puts their best foot forward every day and raises the bar for their customers. To help make that happen, leaders give employees all the resources and support they need to offer excellent customer service—and their hard work is recognized. Every June, Dime Community Bank dedicates an entire week to celebrating and appreciating employees with fun activities, themed lunches, and a company-wide catered party.


Sedera company profile
Sedera culture
Working at Sedera

Sedera is a community of people who have come together because they believe in the company’s mission and values. They put people first and that is the undercurrent of how they operate daily. They have fun while looking out for each other’s growth, and they genuinely care about their collective physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. As solution shapers, they lift ceilings, pave runways, and forge a new, better way. As health champions, they promote the whole health of their team and members. As community builders, they create an authentic connection with their members and with one another every day. They are intentionally not status quo: Their service and product experience is distinctly refreshing and always excellent. And they are rooted in love, so they strive to treat everyone as they’d like to be treated.


Robinhood company profile
Robinhood culture
Working at Robinhood

At Robinhood, they’re moving fast, changing faster, and they’re committed to their mission—for their team as well as their customers. Their work makes an impact on people’s lives, which is why they’re determined to get it right, keep improving, and find the next builders, doers, and thinkers to help them influence the conversation around democratizing finance.

Robinhood is majorly expanding its team while also growing up as a company. Joining now means helping shape their structures and systems as they launch into their ambitious future.


Care/of company profile
Care/of culture
Working at Care/of

Care/of is committed to empowering its customers and its team. Whether it’s helping you find the perfect supplement routine for your unique health needs or supporting you through charting your career path, Care/of believes in a people-first approach and leading with authenticity.

It’s incredibly important to them to build a diverse, equitable, and inclusive space for their team to think differently and push the status quo. And they strive to use this guiding principle as the foundation for how they interact with each other, how they build their business, and how they hold themselves accountable to their core values. They can’t wait to meet you.


Visa company profile
Visa culture
Working at Visa

At Visa, your individuality fits right in. Here you’ll have the opportunity to impact the world, invest in your career growth, and be part of an inclusive and diverse workplace. Visa’s global team of disruptors, innovators, and risk-takers are helping drive economic growth in even the most remote parts of the world and creatively moving the industry forward. They are doing meaningful work that brings financial literacy and digital commerce to millions of unbanked and underserved consumers. Together, you can transform the way the world pays.

Personal Capital

Personal Capital company profile
Personal Capital culture
Working at Personal Capital

Personal Capital helps customers understand and plan their entire financial lives as part of their mission to be the “people’s champion in the financial industry.” The company provides free financial tools that anyone can use, as well as personalized wealth management services for qualified clients. More than a third of their employees are registered financial advisors who build personal relationships with their clients while also using robust financial tools. The team at Personal Capital is very client-centric and values empathy, clarity, and transparency above all else.


Wunderkind company profile
Wunderkind culture
Working at Wunderkind

Wunderkind (formerly BounceX) is a leading performance marketing engine that delivers tailored experiences at scale. Digital businesses use Wunderkind to remember who users are better than ever before, allowing them to deliver high-performing, one-to-one messages on websites through emails and texts and in ads at a scale that’s not otherwise possible. Wunderkind drives $1.2 billion dollars annually in directly attributable revenue for top e-commerce brands like Uniqlo, Sonos, and HelloFresh, often ranking as a top-three revenue channel in their own analytics. Wunderkind is maniacally obsessed with ROI and aims to be the infrastructural interface between individuals and brands in a world where consumers choose what they want, from whom, and when. Learn more at Wunderkind.co.


SelectQuote company profile
SelectQuote culture
Working at SelectQuote

SelectQuote’s mission is to help people protect their most valuable assets and overall financial well-being by finding the right insurance at the best price—in a matter of minutes. The company serves as a trusted resource, answering questions and sharing unbiased price comparisons from some of the country’s leading insurance companies. SelectQuote wants every individual to have a choice, know the value of what they’re getting, and have peace of mind. The company has expanded its offerings into the automotive, home, and Medicare verticals and is looking for employees who are interested in careers they can grow with for years to come.

Glaukos Corporation

Glaukos Corporation company profile
Glaukos Corporation culture
Working at Glaukos Corporation

Since its release of iStent®, a device that can help reduce eye pressure and may reduce reliance on glaucoma medications, Glaukos has pioneered micro-invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS) in order to revolutionize the traditional glaucoma treatment and management paradigm. Glaukos combines solid research, creative engineers, and a flexible management style to create products that improve the lives of patients on a global scale.


Asensus company profile
Asensus culture
Working at Asensus

Asensus is digitizing the interface between the surgeon and patient to pioneer a new era of performance-guided surgery and enable consistently superior outcomes and a new standard of surgery. Its employees are especially passionate about the work they do, and they thrive in a collaborative environment that fosters creative solutions to complex problems. The work is challenging, but everyone comes to Asensus looking for a fulfilling career, and that’s exactly what they find.


PetMeds company profile
PetMeds culture
Working at PetMeds

Founded in 1996, PetMeds knows a healthy pet means happy pet parents. They love their customers, employees, and, of course, fur babies! Join a fast-paced, fun-filled culture where you can be a part of our mission to help pets live long, healthy lives while ensuring pet parents save money on essential pet medications. As America’s most trusted pet pharmacy, PetMeds provides affordably priced pet medications and so much more. They are also a pet-friendly workplace. Join their team and grow from within.

ICW Group

ICW Group company profile
ICW Group culture
Working at ICW Group

Headquartered in San Diego, ICW Group is a multi-line insurer that provides coverage solutions to businesses through a network of independent agents and brokers. ICW Group offers three types of insurance—workers' compensation, earthquake, and auto insurance. Known for meeting the needs of its policyholders, ICW Group prides itself on providing service that is truly customer-centric. In recent years, ICW Group has earned a reputation for helping policyholders achieve fewer and less costly claims. The company accomplishes this through extensive risk management expertise, highly proactive claims handling, and aggressive fraud monitoring.


TriNetX company profile
TriNetX culture
Working at TriNetX

TriNetX is a data and analytics company that partners with healthcare organizations and pharmaceutical companies across the globe to conduct research and enhance clinical trials leveraging real-world data. They look for people who are creative, intuitive, and curious about science and the world. Collaboration is big at TriNetX, as everyone is working towards a common goal. The TriNetX company culture encourages continuous professional growth, and employees take pride in the impact their work makes on the world.


Carbyne company profile
Carbyne culture
Working at Carbyne

Carbyne is a team of builders, thinkers, and collaborators on a mission to bring emergency services into the 21st century. They saw a disparity between the ability to hail a car with our phones, video chat with our families, or text with anyone in the world, and our ability to do those things when our lives are on the line. Their team works passionately and creatively to build a life-saving platform for 911 dispatchers that brings game-changing capabilities to people in crisis, such as live video, instant chat, and caller location. What gets them up in the morning? Working with values-driven people who strive to make emergency services better for citizens.

Flatiron Health

Flatiron Health company profile
Flatiron Health culture
Working at Flatiron Health

Flatiron Health’s mission is to improve lives by learning from the experience of every cancer patient. Accelerating cancer research and improving the quality of care requires the entire industry to work together. The company’s products connect oncologists, academics, hospitals, life science researchers, and regulators on a shared technology platform.

At Flatiron, they’re not just building technology for good—they’re building a workplace for good. This means nurturing an environment where people can thrive, learn, and move the company’s mission forward. Their values reflect what they expect from each other, and inform everything they do.

Vivacity Tech PBC

Vivacity Tech PBC company profile
Vivacity Tech PBC culture
Working at Vivacity Tech PBC

At Vivacity Tech, they’re passionate about creating an inclusive company culture that values and promotes diversity. They believe a diverse workplace drives better value, better decisions, and better products. To that end, they have cultivated a gender-balanced leadership team, hired diversity consultants to help ensure they stay on par with their company initiatives, and established a partnership with the city of St. Paul, MN, to give under-resourced youth on-the-job training and professional development. They believe that building a team from the ground up that is diverse in people, perspectives, and experiences allows them to make smarter business decisions.


VSCO company profile
VSCO culture
Working at VSCO

VSCO builds creative tools, spaces, and connections driven by self-expression. Helping people around the world unlock their creative potential, the company continues to innovate with VSCO Membership, an annual subscription that offers advanced editing features, inspiring editorial content, and immersive community experiences. Across all products and services, VSCO’s mission is to help everybody fall in love with their own creativity.


MikeWorldWide company profile
MikeWorldWide culture
Working at MikeWorldWide

MikeWorldWide (MWW) is among the world’s leading independent, full-service PR agencies, with talent hubs across the U.S. and U.K. The company’s teams do exciting, meaningful, and impactful work for exceptional brands, organizations, and institutions. Their work spans industries ranging from professional services to food and nutrition, beer and wine to travel and tourism, and sports and entertainment to technology and automotive.

MWWLife, a robust suite of benefits, programs, and initiatives, is designed to support employees’ experience during every phase of their career. Forged in the spirit of flexibility and growth, it’s all about the freedom to live your best life both personally and professionally, and embodies the culture of caring they cultivate at MWW.


AT&T company profile
AT&T culture
Working at AT&T

AT&T is a world leader in communications and technology, redefining how people engage with media. AT&T continues inventing new ways to deliver entertainment that drives emotional connections and unites people. It’s AT&T’s mission to bring tomorrow’s technology, today. 5G, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and more will play a role in making that experience possible. What ties it all together? Their people. With locations across the U.S. and around the globe, check out what’s available in your area.


Matillion company profile
Matillion culture
Working at Matillion

Matillion’s platform reduces the complexity along a company’s data journey by providing rapid time to value with data integration and data transformation software for cloud data warehouses. But it’s not just their products that win awards—they have also been recognized as a best place to work for the last few years across multiple platforms. Their culture is centred around their people and their values. They live and breathe their values daily and these really are what has helped them create their amazing culture. At Matillion, they are champions of diversity and inclusion—they are committed to creating an environment in which everyone feels valued and heard. They work really hard and celebrate their achievements together, which makes their wins even better.

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