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Integral Ad Science's Chicago, IL, office, as seen on The Muse.

One of the joys of welcoming the New Year is the opportunity for a fresh start. When it comes to your career, that could mean finally leaving that toxic job and going after a better opportunity. The good news is that a lot of amazing companies are eagerly hiring—and chances are you’ll find more than one open role on this list that’ll pique your interest.

Doing your research before applying for a job goes a long way, and that’s why our profiles give you insight into a company's culture so you know what to expect before you even apply. For example, you can learn about the many ways in which Charles Schwab helps employees take charge of their career growth, or hear Bright Cellars’ head of wine education talk about her seriously cool job and what it’s like to work at a fully remote company.

Whether you’re angling for a salary bump, better benefits, or to never set foot in an actual office again, read on to start your 2022 job search now.

Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab company profile
Charles Schwab culture
Working at Charles Schwab

Financial services can be complicated. Charles Schwab is trying to fix that. They have a history of challenging the status quo and innovating in ways that help individuals create a better tomorrow. Their purpose is to champion every client’s goals with passion and integrity, empowering them to take ownership of their financial future at every income level and life stage. In October of 2020, TD Ameritrade was acquired by Charles Schwab. While TD Ameritrade and Schwab act as separate broker dealers to their clients, behind the scenes their employees are working as one team to support their two brands.


Siemens company profile
Siemens culture
Working at Siemens

At Siemens, people are on a mission to change the world and are guided by their belief that “we make real what matters.” Siemens has more than 200,000 of the greatest minds coming together from around the world to work in the areas of smart infrastructure, manufacturing, digital industries, mobility, and healthcare. They know that diversity creates more opportunities for success which is why they are proud to be a global and diverse company designing and implementing over 7,600 different inventions around the world each year.


Viventium company profile
Viventium culture
Working at Viventium

Viventium creates customized, easy-to-use human capital management solutions—including payroll, HR, talent acquisition, ACA tracking business intelligence, time and attendance, benefits administration, learning management, and COVID-19 solutions—that bring clients unbeatable analytics and timely business insights. Viventium’s three pillars of software, service, and power of choice drive its commitment to delivering remarkable service to its clients, with every employee working toward that goal. In this way, Viventium can detect potential problems, as well as areas for improvement, in order to alert businesses about issues before they actually arise.

Visit www.viventium.com to learn more.

Bright Cellars

Bright Cellars company profile
Bright Cellars culture
Working at Bright Cellars

Bright Cellars’ team is proud of their startup roots and they aren’t afraid to show it. The company is made up of amazing, brilliant, driven, and innovative people who love wine and have a passion for sharing that love with their members. They lean on their core values to guide every decision they make because they are obsessed with creating a member-centric wine journey. Bright Cellars’ team is proud of being a “flat” company, which means there are less layers of bureaucracy and approvals. Anyone can have a meeting with anyone; anyone can make a major impact.

Integral Ad Science

Integral Ad Science company profile
Integral Ad Science culture
Working at Integral Ad Science

Integral Ad Science is a global digital media quality organization that partners with advertisers and publishers to protect investments, capture consumer attention, and drive business impact. With 18 offices across 13 countries, the company is able to offer employees an incredibly diverse range of projects and growth possibilities to pursue, as well as many international travel opportunities.


TriNetX company profile
TriNetX culture
Working at TriNetX

TriNetX is a data and analytics company that partners with healthcare organizations and pharmaceutical companies across the globe to conduct research and enhance clinical trials leveraging real-world data. They look for people who are creative, intuitive, and curious about science and the world. Collaboration is big at TriNetX, as everyone is working towards a common goal. The TriNetX company culture encourages continuous professional growth, and employees take pride in the impact their work makes on the world.

Colonial Electric

Colonial Electric company profile
Colonial Electric culture
Working at Colonial Electric

Founded in Philadelphia in the early 1900s, Colonial Electric has been a trusted supplier of electrical products, service, and technical support for over 100 years. The company offers an unparalleled inventory of essential products for the utility, industrial and OEM markets, including a broad selection of green and energy efficient products. Colonial Electric has more than 20 locations in New York, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. They also operate a retail lighting showroom division and a major projects division. The company, which has been owned and operated by the Bellwoar family since 1972, is committed to providing quality and value added service to their customers by fully supporting the partnership between their employees, suppliers, and the community.

Humu, Inc

Humu, Inc company profile
Humu, Inc culture
Working at Humu, Inc

Are you interested in championing a product that makes work better? The science is clear: Happier employees are more productive and stay at companies longer—and everyone wins. At Humu, they’re passionate about building a product that empowers people to improve themselves and the teams around them. They live by their company mission and that starts with creating an internal culture that is intentional and inclusive—and by being open to making improvements along the way. Humu’s leadership team includes a diverse group of industry experts who have scaled some of the world’s most successful companies. Careers at Humu offer a range of opportunities and a more balanced way of working.


Laika company profile
Laika culture
Working at Laika

Laika is on a mission to transform an industry that’s never been known for innovation, but they aren’t letting that stop them. They love collaborating to come up with new ways to solve problems that would stump other teams, and have created a workplace where the best idea wins and they bring out the best in each other.

Laika’s team is full of entrepreneurial people with a bias toward action, an insatiable intellectual curiosity, and a desire to learn and grow personally and professionally. By bringing remarkably talented people together, Laika has the opportunity to create something truly amazing for its customers and its team.

Cureatr, Inc.

Cureatr, Inc. company profile
Cureatr, Inc. culture
Working at Cureatr, Inc.

Working with Cureatr’s team means working toward better, safer, more effective medication use for everyone. They have the expertise, resources, and technology to make a difference in the lives of patients and physicians.

Cureatr is a fast-growing, conscious business that makes living its company values a priority. At Cureatr, they emphasize innovation, collaboration, and transparency. They celebrate their wins, learn from their mistakes, and grow together as a team. As a company that strives to create an equitable culture, they are looking to hire employees with diverse skill sets, interests, and passions, who are ready to make an impact.


Grabango company profile
Grabango culture
Working at Grabango

Grabango’s mission is to eliminate lines and save people time. Their checkout-free shopping technology creates a convenient, efficient, and more pleasant retail experience for both customers and businesses.

Their teams of accomplished technology and commerce experts are passionate about changing the way people interact with things and improving the shopping experience. Their fervor for problem-solving is balanced by a welcoming and tight-knit culture in which colleagues can form strong bonds. New hires can look forward to great benefits, a diverse and inclusive environment, and the opportunity to create products that aim to change the retail landscape worldwide.

First Republic Bank

First Republic Bank company profile
First Republic Bank culture
Working at First Republic Bank

First Republic Bank is a unique place to work. They’re a financial institution, but they believe that personal connections are everything and their success is driven by the relationships they form with colleagues and clients. It’s what sets them apart in the industry.

Banking can have a reputation of being stale and boring, but First Republic offers an entrepreneurial, fun, and vibrant working experience. Obviously, they have their formal roles, but there are opportunities to jump into different departments and projects and work with different colleagues. There are also ample opportunities to grow your skill level and experience. Everyone at First Republic is there to help you perform at your highest level and bring out the best in you.


Jumio company profile
Jumio culture
Working at Jumio

When you work for Jumio, you’re part of a global team striving for excellence, supporting one another, and having a good time along the way. With 11 offices across the world, Jumio offers a truly global culture that’s characterized by their shared IDEAL values: Integrity, Diversity, Empowerment, Accountability, and Leading Innovation.

Jumio provides people with the best of both worlds: They retain the agility of a new startup with the backing and budgets of a global market leader. It’s an environment with high levels of autonomy that offers accelerated career growth. Best of all, it’s a setting where one person can make a meaningful and visible difference to their career, the company’s success, and to the wider mission of eliminating identity fraud.

Gentle Dental

Gentle Dental company profile
Gentle Dental culture
Working at Gentle Dental

Gentle Dental provides high-quality comprehensive care including general dentistry, orthodontics, periodontics, endodontics, pedodontics, prosthodontic, and oral surgery. Gentle Dental serves patients in 180 different locations in eight western states under the brands Gentle Dental and Smile Keepers. Each team member is patient-driven and proves time and time again that group dentistry can provide a better, more ethical, and more comprehensive alternative for patients.


SelectQuote company profile
SelectQuote culture
Working at SelectQuote

SelectQuote’s mission is to help people protect their most valuable assets and overall financial well-being by finding the right insurance at the best price—in a matter of minutes. The company serves as a trusted resource, answering questions and sharing unbiased price comparisons from some of the country’s leading insurance companies. SelectQuote wants every individual to have a choice, know the value of what they’re getting, and have peace of mind. The company has expanded its offerings into the automotive, home, and Medicare verticals and is looking for employees who are interested in careers they can grow with for years to come.

Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts

Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts company profile
Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts culture
Working at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts

Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts is a diverse team of dreamers, collaborators, and entrepreneurs who use their unique stages in the heart of New York City and beyond to advocate for the transformative impact of artistic experiences. Lincoln Center’s people imagine and create in concert with this mission by founding President John D. Rockefeller III: “The arts are not for the privileged few, but for the many. Their place is not on the periphery of daily life, but at its center.” Lincoln Center welcomes applicants who agilely solve problems, show up as they are, and can’t stop innovating.


PCORI company profile
PCORI culture
Working at PCORI

PCORI, the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute, is a Congress-authorized organization that seeks out medical research opportunities in order to shed light on important areas of patient and caregiver concern. The company is committed to improving health by substantially increasing the quantity, quality, and timeliness of useful, trustworthy information available to support big decision-making processes.


Aparavi company profile
Aparavi culture
Working at Aparavi

At Aparavi, they look for employees who have a desire to transform the world of data management. Their teams are challenged each day to think outside of the box and come up with innovative approaches to tackling problems and delivering solutions for internal teams and their customers. The company cultivates a culture of autonomy, and those with an entrepreneurial spirit will thrive.

Rapid Micro Biosystems

Rapid Micro Biosystems company profile
Rapid Micro Biosystems culture
Working at Rapid Micro Biosystems

At Rapid Micro Biosystems, winning the race to bring new healthcare products safely to a waiting world drives its team to combine today’s innovative technologies like never before. A career at RMB puts you at the center of diverse global teams including robotics, AI, machine learning, imaging, and microbiology, that are reshaping how urgently needed pharmaceuticals are made, tested, and released for decades to come.

Careers at RMB are fast-moving with the high growth you’d expect from a world leader in microbiology automation. Advancement at RMB affords an opportunity to achieve your personal goals and develop your passions in an inclusive environment where every employee has the resources and opportunities to hone their skills. You’ll do more, learn more, and have the ability to make a profound impact on the business.

Promenade Group

Promenade Group company profile
Promenade Group culture
Working at Promenade Group

Promenade Group is focused on creating long-term relationships with small business owners looking to invest in themselves and grow their small business. Whether you’re fresh out of college or a seasoned career professional, Promenade is a place where you can make a true impact on local communities and neighborhoods across the country. Employees come to Promenade seeking challenges and opportunities in an environment that is built on transparency, trust, and respect. The company’s hands-on approach to professional growth allows you to be in the driver seat of your own career while working alongside industry leaders. Everyone has a seat at the table and a voice in the company. If you thrive on creating solutions to problems and working in a fast-paced environment while having fun, this is the place for you.


Susco company profile
Susco culture
Working at Susco

Susco’s core purpose is to enable people to contribute in meaningful and fulfilling ways by creating intuitive software that their clients’ employees use all day to do their jobs in a more productive and enjoyable way. A major part of their success is the fact that they do right by everyone—they’d rather err on the side of a financial loss than cause harm to their employees, vendors, or clients. The company is committed to contributing to the personal and professional development of their own growing workforce. The bar is high at Susco: You are expected to have a burning desire to grow as a human being and developer, learn from your mistakes, communicate openly with civility, get things done, and be deeply competent in software development.


Electric company profile
Electric culture
Working at Electric

Electric is a place where employees are truly valued. A few of their core values include: caring above all else; without change, there is no innovation; and chasing excellence. Their foundation is built on a culture of helping each other out and genuinely caring about one another and the work they do. They believe that constant change means progress. Growth, learning, and improvement are at the forefront of their community. They push themselves and each other to make incredible things happen.

Health-E Commerce

Health-E Commerce company profile
Health-E Commerce culture
Working at Health-E Commerce

Health-E Commerce is a consumer health and wellness online retailer, comprising five brands: FSA Store, HSA Store, WellDeserved Health, Medicare OTC Store, and Caring Mill. Since 2010, the company has launched direct-to-consumer e-commerce brands aimed at simplifying the U.S. tax-free healthcare market and helping Americans and companies benefit better from workplace benefits and wellness and health spending programs.

Health-E Commerce’s team is passionate about helping consumers to improve their health and maximize their savings through qualified shopping and education. Their websites, eligibility lists, and content help consumers understand, manage, and use their benefits. They also advocate for the eligibility of important new product categories, such as OTC meds and feminine care, to increase the types of everyday products that are eligible.

Tory Burch

Tory Burch company profile
Tory Burch culture
Working at Tory Burch

Founded in 2004 in New York City, Tory Burch is an American luxury brand known for beautiful, timeless pieces and rich storytelling that evokes optimism and joy. Tory is a fashion designer who draws inspiration from her parents’ effortless style, the worlds of travel, art, and interiors, and women globally. The collections include ready-to-wear, handbags, footwear, accessories, jewelry, home, and beauty. Empowering women is the company’s guiding principle, underpinning the design philosophy and company culture, and driving the work of the Tory Burch Foundation. Every team member is integral to the company’s unique culture and continuing evolution.


ASCAP company profile
ASCAP culture
Working at ASCAP

The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers is a performing rights organization, founded in 1914, whose mission is to ensure that its music creator members can thrive alongside the businesses who use their music. The organization is built around a passion for music, but the team includes professionals in every field—law, tech, data, marketing, and more.


Dooly company profile
Dooly culture
Working at Dooly

At Dooly, everyone lives and breathes their company culture, and you definitely feel it day in and day out (even though they’re all remote). The company’s senior leadership team is friendly, always willing to help others, and has a “one team, one dream” mindset.


Miro company profile
Miro culture
Working at Miro

Miro is on a mission to change the way the world collaborates online. The company’s online collaborative whiteboard platform gives globally distributed teams the means to work effectively together and create the things that push the world forward. Over 25 million users use Miro’s tool every day to innovate and iterate, from brainstorming sessions and workshops to designing new products and services.

As a global company with a team of more than 1,000, Miro’s scale is one of our strengths, along with the intentionality behind its values. At Miro, people champion one another, lead with empathy and understanding, dream big, aim high, and let their failures inform their future successes. If you want to be a part of a company bold enough to take on the world at hyperspeed, keep on reading to learn more about who they are and who you can become with them.


GameChanger company profile
GameChanger culture
Working at GameChanger

GameChanger is a dynamic technology company based in New York City with teammates working remotely to solve some of the biggest challenges in tech. The company has more than 550,000 youth sports teams on its app and delivers live video streaming, scorekeeping, and team communication tools that connect families to the most important game of the week.

So if engineering is your sport, or you love traditional sports, GameChanger might be the team for you. This team believes sports are important because they encourage leadership, teamwork, responsibility, and confidence—critical life lessons that have the power to propel youth toward meaningful futures. They recognize that without coaches, parents, and volunteers, organized youth sports could not exist. They celebrate those dedicated heroes and make it their mission to help them do what they do best.

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