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19 Best Career Coaches to Watch on YouTube in 2023

Courtesy of Cassandra Thompson, Nicole Young, and Linda Raynier
Courtesy of Cassandra Thompson, Nicole Young, and Linda Raynier

Navigating your career path—whether you’re looking for a new role, vying for a big promotion, or negotiating your salary—can sometimes feel like one big question mark. How do you get from where you are now to where you want to go? How do you build your career in a sustainable way—and avoid potential pitfalls, like burnout, along the way?

If you’re looking for answers, one of the best ways to find them is to look to the experts—a.k.a., career coaches.

Career coaches can be a huge asset as you grow your career, sharing insights to help you at every step of the journey. Where’s a great place to go if you’re looking for career coaches? Well, we have to suggest The Muse's Coach Connect, where you can speak directly with an experienced coach for anything from resume tips to interview prep—but there's also, of course, YouTube.

YouTube is full of helpful information from coaches on everything from how to stand out to recruiters to how to switch industries to how to launch your own business—and just about everything in between.

Let’s take a look at some of the top career coaches to follow on YouTube:

1. Cass Thompson (@CassThompsonConsulting)

Cassandra Thompson knows how difficult job searching really is. She leans on her experience and difficulties with finding a job to give actionable, relevant, and valuable career advice and strategies to help you find employment or grow your own business. With more than 112,000 subscribers, Thompson covers everything from how to get promoted at work, what to avoid saying in a job interview, and tips for changing careers.

2. Nicole Young (@nicoleyoungtech)

Nicole Young is working toward becoming a self-taught software engineer and documenting her path via YouTube. Young uses her experiences—both good and bad—as a Black woman in tech to inspire more diversity in the less-than-inclusive tech industry, hoping to prove that anyone can succeed in tech with the right work ethic and strategy. Each Monday and Thursday, Young’s nearly 34,000 subscribers are given insights into topics like the best online courses to get you started in tech, profitable tech side hustles, and habits to develop to break into tech without experience.

3. Linda Raynier (@LindaRaynier)

Linda Raynier is a career strategist and personal growth teacher and speaker whofocuses on sharing practical, useful, and heart-centered advice to help you find and have a career without compromising your fully authentic self. Raynier posts weekly videos for her 980,000 subscribers, sharing advice about how to feel confident in front of anyone, what to do if you feel overwhelmed as a working mom, and what to do if you're in the wrong job.

4. Andrew LaCivita (@andylacivita)

Andrew LaCivita is a career and leadership coach with international experience and recognition, having helped over 350 companies and 100,000 individuals across 200 countries. In addition to multiple books, courses, and templates, LaCivita’s 271,000 YouTube subscribers have access to insights and tips about how to negotiate a salary, how to explain a layoff in a job interview, and what step to take to maximize your career success.

5. Ben White (@BenTalksTalent)

Ben White has been in the recruiting industry for more than a decade and uses this experience to share actionable advice about interviewing, networking, and developing a successful career strategy. Three times a week, White posts content to help his more than 27,500 followers learn about how to answer tricky interview prompts like “Tell me about yourself,” how to identify a toxic manager, and fight age discrimination in the interview process.

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6. Aileen Xu (@lavendaire)

Aileen Xu is an “artist of life” whose content is meant to share knowledge and inspiration on making your dreams happen. Through her channel, Xu shares tips on self-development, self-love, habits, healing, mindset, and other positivity to help you live a more vibrant life. With more than 2.2 million subscribers, Xu’s videos explore how to connect with your future self, how to plan your week, and what to do to fulfill your potential.

7. Julia Kristina (@juliakristinamah)

Julia Kristina is a therapist whose desire to help others grow, heal, and improve their lives led her to hosting live mental wellness and personal development talks online. Using research-backed and cognitive science strategies, Kristina shares her advice with more than 330,000 subscribers. Kristina’s videos cover subjects like how to stop making yourself so anxious, identify unintentional things you’re doing to make people ignore you, and how to make a big decision when you don’t know what to do.

8. Kati Morton (@Katimorton)

Kati Morton is a licensed marriage and family therapist and speaker who aims to make it easier to understand complex mental health concepts. Morton’s channel, which has over 1.3 million subscribers, covers family dynamics, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, trauma, and other mental health topics to help viewers manage emotions and deal with stress. Morton’s advice covers subjects like what to do if you feel unhappy or unmotivated, how to be happier and more positive in life, and common misconceptions about depression.

9. Natalie Fisher (@NatalieFisher)

Natalie Fisher is a career coach with extensive experience in the world of human resources. After an unexpected layoff, Fisher initially struggled to find useful career advice to help her find the role and salary she deserved before landing a six-figure HR manager role. She uses the lessons she learned to help recent graduates kick start their careers. With more than 19,000 subscribers, Fisher shares information about the parallels between interviewing and dating, success stories about turning down offers to get what you really want, and how to make a successful career change and double your salary.

10. Benjamin Preston (@BenjaminPreston)

Benjamin Preston is a career coach, author, and marketing and business consultant. After spending years looking for an exciting career, Preston shares his insights and advice with his 4,100 subscribers, helping first-time leaders, managers, and anyone struggling to figure out their careers prepare for success. His videos cover topics like ways to make your boss love you even more, how to confidently quit your job with no regrets, and how to deal with a passive- aggressive coworker.

11. Cindy Makita-Dodd (@CindyMakita)

Cindy Makita-Dodd is a career strategist and coach who aims to help coaches, consultants, marketing agencies, and business-to-business (B2B) service providers find clients and turn into entrepreneurs. With over 13,200 subscribers, Makita-Dodd shares actionable tips for scaling online businesses via outbound marketing, covering topics like how to write a follow-up email after no response, how to get clients by automating LinkedIn lead generation, and lead generation tips for coaches, consultants, and agencies.

12. Sonal Bahl (@SuperChargeYourself)

Sonal Bahl is a former HR director and INSEAD alumnus with professional experience in 10 industries across three continents. Bahl’s YouTube channel has more than 145,000 subscribers with whom she shares competitive tips about landing a dream job, getting promoted, and living a more purposeful life. Bahl’s videos cover topics like the best jobs to get abroad, how to negotiate a salary, and if an MBA is worth it.

13. Rosie McCarthy (@BadassCareers)

Rosie McCarthy fuses more than a decade of experience in HR and recruitment with neuroscience and marketing psychology to help her more than 25,600 subscribers boost their confidence and “craft a badass career.” McCarthy’s content focuses on teaching you how to find the purpose-led career you’re made for, covering subjects like how to answer, “Why should we hire you?”, what to do when you’re unhappy at work but scared to leave, and how to find a career path you love.

14. Emily Liou (@CultivateYourCareer)

Emily Liou is a job search expert and career happiness coach for corporate professionals with a YouTube channel claiming more than 8,600 subscribers. Liou leverages her previous experience as a recruiter and headhunter for Fortune 500 companies (including Google, Amazon, Uber, and Facebook) to help you learn how to become a top job candidate and land your dream role. Liou’s advice covers topics about using a word cloud generator to align your resume with what recruiters are looking for, why you’re never truly trapped in your career, and popular career myths shared on social media.

15. Richard Walls (@RichardWalls)

Richard Walls is a business professional at a Fortune 100 company and career development and personal finance content creator with more than 28,000 subscribers. With more than 10 years in product management and strategy roles, Walls leans on lessons he’s learned while responsible for billions of dollars to help people pursue relevant higher education and other tactics for advancing their careers. His content covers subjects like how to find your next job and what you can learn from the best salespeople, why an MBA might be your best option to jumpstart your career, and the top three AI-proof jobs.

16. Brittany Hayles (@HaylesConsultingCareerCoach)

Brittany Hayles is a career coach who learned how to take ownership of her career, leading her to receiving job offers from Google and Rolls-Royce. Hayles shares tips on investing in your professional brand to improve your career outlook by finding and gaining confidence and clarity. With nearly 8,800 subscribers, Hayles covers topics like how to explain why you’re leaving your job, career advice for introverts, and why perfectionism is hurting your career.

17. Thomas Frank (@ThomasFrank)

Thomas Frank is a video creator and podcaster who focuses on learning, personal development, and productivity. Frank shares tips about productivity intended for both students and professionals in the real world, helping his 2.94 million subscribers avoid procrastination, develop better learning and studying techniques, and live a more fulfilling life. He’s covered topics like what to do when you’re having an off day, how to automate your finances, and four ways your workspace is destroying your productivity.

18. Jennifer Brick (@JenniferBrick)

Jennifer Brick is a career strategist who went from an entry-level role to tech industry executive in only three years. Brick left the corporate world after discovering her true purpose in helping ambitious professionals—and especially women—realize their potential and create a culture of lifting each other up. Brick’s YouTube channel, with over 131,000 subscribers, covers topics like why office politics aren’t optional, why coworkers aren’t your friends, and how to network as a shy introvert with social anxiety.

19. Madeline Mann (@SelfMadeMillennial)

Madeline Mann is an HR and recruiting professional who leveraged her insider experience to become an award-winning career coach. Mann strives to help professionals land high-paying job offers for dream roles, helping set up her 336,000 subscribers for career success. Her videos cover topics like why the best person won’t land the job, why you need a boring job, and dirty hiring practices that HR doesn’t want you to know.