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Ask a Recruiter: How Can I Find a Part-Time Job That Fits My Skills?

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Dear Recruiter,

I’m a single mom who is struggling after a divorce, bad financial decisions, and a foreclosure. I have a good job, but I’d like to find a part-time role in order to get out of debt. I’m a librarian, so I’m good at research, detail-oriented, can write, and am creative. I was wondering where to even start my focus. Thank you!

Struggling to Focus

Hi Struggling to Focus,

It sounds like this hasn’t been an easy year for you, but you’re pushing through it. Your determination alone will help you land a part-time job, but I’ll share a couple of pointers and offer some suggestions to help you hit the ground running.

Let’s start with getting you focused on what kind of side gig to pursue. You mention possessing a number of skills and interests.

Think broadly about what types of positions require these skills. Market research is one that comes to mind. There could be companies in your area looking for people who can lead focus groups or administer surveys to give them business insight. With your background, you could seek roles for coordinating such research.

My recruiting agency background’s also telling me you could be a great sourcer. Sourcers are usually the behind-the-scenes people of the hiring process. These people are responsible for finding great candidates with the right skill sets and experience for jobs they need to fill, using tools like job boards, social media, and tailored search strings. Your detail-oriented personality and research training could be a good match for this position.

But these ideas barely scratch the surface! I’m also thinking something requiring strong writing skills or an outlet that allows you to really flex those creative muscles.

Once you’ve got a list of the types of work opportunities that interest you, it’s time to start the job search.

1. Look for Positions That Offer Remote Work

Many times these types of openings have flexible hours that you can then build around your current schedule. In addition to searching on The Muse, universities or colleges often offer these types of positions as well—for example, as an application reader or doing data entry during admission season.

2. Reach Out to People Who Can Help

Get the word out there! People can’t help connect you with opportunities if they don’t know you’re looking. Send a message to your network, letting them know your situation. Use this email template to get the conversation started.

3. Be Open to Opportunities Outside the Box

While there are plenty of opportunities to do things in your wheelhouse like freelance writing or editing, you might be interested in trying something different like dog walking, personal shopping, or tutoring.

Finally, as you start thinking strategically about your job hunt, consider asking for a raise at your full-time job. Even a small increase could help alleviate some of that financial burden and empower you to be less stressed and more selective about finding that perfect part-time gig.

If you’re unsure about how to go about this, read this, this, and this—they’re all great resources for this conversation.

Now get out there and find that awesome side gig!