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How This Insurance Professional Is Giving Back to the Hispanic Community

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Jonathan Quiñónez, a Farmers Insurance® agency owner.
| Courtesy of Jonathan Quiñónez Agency

For Jonathan Quiñónez, his work isn’t merely a way to earn a paycheck; it’s a vital platform to uplift and empower underrepresented and underserved communities. His determination to make a difference is one of the reasons why he initially pursued an opportunity with Farmers Insurance®, where he has since flourished as a respected agency owner and a mentor within the Hispanic demographic that he routinely serves and works alongside.

“The Farmers® commitment to community resonates deeply with me, particularly in my desire to serve my people—mi gente,” he says.

Before he joined the Farmers family, Quiñónez’s career journey began at a small-town agency, where he gained valuable industry knowledge. After two years of cultivating his skills, Quiñónez wanted professional growth and decided to explore avenues like real estate and insurance, eventually discovering that the latter offered work-life balance. Quiñónez took the next three years to continue developing his insurance experience at various companies, keeping watch for the next growth opportunity. All the while, the dream of agency ownership took root in his mind. When he interviewed with Farmers, it didn’t take much convincing for him to realize that it was the right fit.

Here, Quiñónez shares how mentorship has helped him reach new professional heights, why he values Farmers’ mission-driven culture, and the importance of leaving a lasting legacy.

You honed your skills as a Protege Agency Producer before transitioning into owning your own Farmers® agency. How did the Protege Agency Producer Program help you prepare for a full-time agency owner opportunity? What did you find particularly rewarding about this experience?

The Protege Agency Producer Program was instrumental in my path toward agency ownership. By working with a seasoned agency, I was immersed in a culture of growth and excellence. Guided by the mentorship of a Presidents Council agent, I gleaned invaluable insights into the Farmers culture and learned the art of building a sustainable business. What sets this program apart is its emphasis on individual effort, paving the way for agency ownership based on dedication and hard work.

How has mentorship played a role in both your professional growth as a Farmers Insurance agent and as a community leader?

Mentorship is the cornerstone of my professional growth and community leadership. Inspired by my parents’ passion for teaching and leadership, I find immense fulfillment in helping individuals realize their full potential. Beyond selling policies, empowering others to achieve their aspirations embodies the essence of my journey. Like any business owner, I strive to uplift my community by creating a legacy that transcends mere transactions.

Why is Farmers a great option for those who are just starting in their insurance careers, and how does the agency ownership opportunity encourage mobility and growth?

Farmers offers an unparalleled path for newcomers to the insurance industry. Working with experienced professionals helps newcomers navigate the challenges that arise in this field. As agency owners, the potential for mobility and growth is boundless. Beyond a career, it’s about achieving financial freedom—building a business that reflects one’s vision and values.

Financial literacy can be lacking for many underrepresented and marginalized communities. How does the work you do as a Farmers agency owner help empower marginalized, underserved communities, and how has Farmers personally supported your initiatives to give back to the Hispanic community?

As a Farmers agency owner, my mission extends beyond insurance sales; it’s to empower marginalized communities. Through initiatives like our summer program for high school students, we provide opportunities for growth and exposure. Active engagement with organizations like the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP) and housing authorities exemplifies our commitment to breaking stereotypes and fostering empowerment within the Hispanic community.

Since 2019, you’ve owned your own insurance agency. What advice do you have for those striving to become self-employed agency owners? What important skills do they need to help them succeed and thrive as leaders?

Seek out mentors, silence the naysayers, and prioritize personal growth. Embracing a mindset of continuous improvement is essential to thrive as a leader. By disconnecting from the daily grind and investing in personal development, agency owners can steer their organizations toward success. Craig Groeschel has this saying that I find true, “Everyone wins when the leader gets better.”

You mentioned that leaving a legacy is critical for you. Could you elaborate on that?

Leaving a legacy isn’t just a desire—it’s a calling. In a world where time is fleeting, I’m driven by a profound sense of purpose. Inspired by iconic figures, I aspire to leave behind a legacy of wisdom, values, and contributions that transcend generations.

What’s the biggest misconception people have about insurance agents? How can cultural differences influence the perception and relationship between a customer and an agent?

The biggest misconception about insurance agents is the perception of us as profit-driven opportunists. In reality, we aim to help customers mitigate risk and protect their best interests. Cultural differences can influence perceptions, but our focus remains on being knowledgeable professionals rather than mere salespeople.

The topics of self-care, mental health, and overall wellness have become increasingly prominent discussion points. How do you prioritize your health and wellness in your personal life, and how does this mindset extend to how you lead as an agency owner?

Prioritizing health and wellness isn’t just a personal choice—it’s a professional imperative. As leaders, our ability to lead effectively depends on our mental and physical well-being. By staying sharp and ahead of the curve, we benefit our families and set the tone for our organizations.