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How do you share passwords among your team for protected documents, social profiles, and software? If your go-to tool is a Word document on your company server, a Text Edit file on your intranet, or even a sticky note in your desk drawer, you’re not alone. But you’re also not doing a very good job securing those passwords or making sure they’re always easily accessible to the people who need them. And there’s a (much) better way.

Mitro, founded by former Google employees, is a free browser extension that safely and securely records credentials for any site and lets you lend access to that site with any contacts you select, be it your significant other, your teammates, or a client. All you need to sign up is to download the extension and then create an account with your email and one main password, and then start saving your “secrets” (passwords, web keys, and the like) from around the web.

There are a lot of simple but incredibly helpful features that make Mitro a powerful tool.

For personal use, like any password manager it allows you to collect your passwords in a secure place, meaning you never have to spend time guessing or resetting your password again. Mitro takes it a step further, allowing you to sign into a site with one click through the extension or easily copy your username or password. The tool will also generate more secure passwords for you when creating new accounts.

But team use is where Mitro really shines. As long as you get your employees, collaborators, or clients to sign up for Mitro, you can easily give them access to password-protected sites with the click of a button. You can even create “teams” to easily share access to a site with everyone who needs to reach it. If you need to change the password for any reason, everyone’s access is automatically updated without you having to notify them. And, of course, you can always revoke access to see those passwords with the click of a button, which is handy for situations like when someone leaves the company or switches roles.

As Mitro co-founder and CEO Vijay Pandurangan told TechCrunch, “Passwords are breeding like rabbits and no one takes security of these things seriously.” With a tool like Mitro, you’ll be getting out ahead of that security risk.

Mitro is available right now for Chrome.