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A Lawyer's Day Off

Meet Alix, a brand-new lawyer in Chicago. It's Saturday morning, and she's managed to squeeze in a weekend getaway to DC. But unfortunately, work seems to follow her everywhere (sound familiar?). Ever wonder what it's like to be a lawyer? Well, here's a look at her day off.

Breakfast is accompanied by Alix's laptop and law text. She's working on a motion to amend a court order.

Her assignments don't get in the way of having a little fun, though. On a leisurely stroll through the neighborhood, she stops to admire merchandise in the store windows—including some overpriced yoga gear.

A shoe displays catches her eye.

Inside the boutique, she buys a pair of fake diamond earrings. They're an addition to her work wardrobe—so it's totally justified, right?

After wandering into Ann Taylor Loft, her mind shifts back to lawyer mode as she compares sweaters that'll be suitable for the office.

Back outside, she makes a quick call regarding a client back in Chicago.

The next stop is gelato. After sampling several flavors, the winner is white chocolate.

As she eats her gelato, Alix catches up on her e-mail. After all, it's been almost two hours.

Alix heads to a nearby salon for a pedicure, but turns toward the exit when she discovers their high prices. The manager questions her leaving, and she states matter-of-factly that her pedicures at home are much cheaper. He reluctantly gives her a discount, and she stays. (Nice negotiating!)

She meets up with her hometown friend Allie for dinner. After tapas and cocktails, Allie shows Alix her new studio apartment nearby. After a brief tour of the space, they research bookshelves over glasses of Riesling.

Alix once again checks her iPhone to make sure she doesn't have any messages from the office. (More than a few weekends' plans have been hijacked by work!) All is clear. Time to make plans for the night.

Alix unwinds at a pub with Allie and some friends from law school.

Here's Alix, in the last waking hours of her mini-vacation slip away, laughing at a text from a friend. The next morning, she'll be on a plane back home.