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9 Ways to Become a Morning Person (Or, at the Very Least, Less Grumpy)

Only 7% of people under age 40 consider themselves morning people, which basically means the other 93% are totally screwed when they wake up, right?

That doesn’t have to be the case for even the most dedicated night owls. By arming yourself with these tricks, you’ll be able to maximize your mornings for success, even if you currently snooze your alarm six times before getting up.

  1. First things first, it’s time to train yourself to actually get up when your alarm clock goes off. (Jeff Goins)
  2. Study after study shows that exercise makes you more productive, but if you’re not a gym rat, doing these seven exercises at home will do. (Lifehack)
  3. Use this two-minute strategy to plan your day quickly and efficiently. (Pilot Fire)
  4. Creating morning rituals can give you a sense of routine, which is especially important if you’re half-asleep when you wake up. (Entrepreneur)
  5. Avoid decision fatigue by planning out your morning choices the night before—like what you’re going to wear to work or pack for lunch. (James Clear)
  6. Before you jump right into your inbox, social media, and text messages, take 10 minutes to breathe and relax before you begin your day.
  7. Don’t completely overhaul your morning routine at once; that’ll leave you feeling overwhelmed and less likely to continue. Instead, try one of these simple tweaks at a time to get you excited to keep working on your productivity. (LinkedIn)
  8. Steal a morning ritual from one of these famous entrepreneurs. (The Daily Muse)
  9. Remind yourself why you’re trying to get up early in the first place: The vast majority of successful people say getting up early is an essential part of a productive day. (99U)

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