Obviously you know how to use Google. In fact, I’d bet that it’s the first place you go when you have a question on, hm, anything.

So while I don’t have to sell you on the benefits, I do want to tell you about nine lesser-known gems. They’ll completely change the way you work, interact, and get organized, even if you have the “perfect” system already.

1. Sync Your Email Accounts With Gmailify

Do you use Gmail as your go-to account? I sure do. But I also have a few accounts with other providers that I need to check now and then, and I’m guessing you might, too. Now, as long as you’re an Android user, you can do that in Gmail without having to constantly switch apps.

Google calls this “Gmailify-ing” your email, which means you can add an account from another service to your Gmail app so that you can see all your messages on the same interface. And, once you’re set up there, you’ll also have access to that account in the web app, too.

2. Work Anywhere With Chrome Remote Desktop

Forget about lugging your computer with you just in case your boss asks about that revenue spreadsheet while you’re away for a weekend. With this, you can get to anything and everything on your computer from any phone, tablet, or even another laptop.

All you have to do is set up the app on your work computer and leave it on. Then, if you need to get to any file on it, just download the app on your device, log in, and the file’s right there. You can even share your computer with the person who’s covering for you to make it even easier.

3. Text Easy With Google Allo

If you’re missing out on cool new messaging features because you don’t have an iPhone, you’ll want to try Allo—it works for all devices!

Allo lets you send doodles, gigantic emojis, and text of all sizes. Plus, it learns how you communicate and suggests replies without you having to even start typing. It even gives you a sneak peek into Google Assistant, the company’s new virtual helper.

4. Edit Images With Snapseed

This highly-rated (and free!) app is definitely worth checking out if you want a powerful and fun-to-use photo editor.

It lets you make almost every tweak and fix to your pictures that you can imagine. You can let it work its magic with automatic settings, or dig in deep with fine-grained controls, or add text and frames—perfect if you never plan on buying a camera ever.

5. Set Goals With Google Calendar

I keep my whole life on my Google Calendar, everything from work meetings to reminders to call my parents. So, I was intrigued when I heard that I could also incorporate goals into my schedule with it.

And Google’s made the whole process both fun and easy—Muse Writer Abby Wolfe can attest to that: “Here’s the best part: The app automatically finds time on your calendar so you don’t have to. But don’t worry—if something comes up, that’s perfectly fine. This feature’s flexible and will accommodate any new meetings you have or adjust if it’s just not the right time.”

Now you can actually accomplish those goals you always talk about.

6. Organize Your To-Dos With Google Keep

Google Keep seems like a basic note-taking program, but it has some surprisingly clever features. I enjoy its simple and friendly look that reminds me of colorful sticky notes.

But, the reason I really fall for this app is for its list capabilities. Keep lets you add or remove check boxes, set a reminder based on time or place, and turn unwieldy notes into Google docs—all with just a tap or two. Add to that web access, handwriting, and voice recognition, and this list lover’s pretty much sold!

7. Create Outlines With Google Docs

Of course you’ve got the whole create, format, and share thing down when it comes to working with documents. But sometimes a little more organization is called for.

That’s where outlines in Google Docs comes in. You’ll find it as “document outline” in the Tools menu, and, once you select it, it’ll magically take your titles and headings and make an outline in your left-hand sidebar. You can then click on it to navigate through the doc, or just check that you’ve included everything you need.

8. Store Photos With Google Photos

This photo gallery app’s been around for a while. But its best features (or even just the fact it’s available for iOS users, too) aren’t always well-known.

My personal favorite is the unlimited storage. While this no-cost option is only for a maximum 16 megapixel photo size, that’s almost sure to be enough for most of your needs. And, with automatic albums and no-tags-needed search, you’ll find the photos you’re looking for quickly. And, once you do, you can quickly edit them right in the app or turn them into movies, collages, GIFs, or panoramas to share.

9. Write in Style With Google Fonts

If you have an eye for design, or just can’t stand yet another report formatted with the generic “Arial,” this is for you. It’ll make everything you do online look as amazing as the work you put into it.

With over 800 font families ranging from the playful “Chewy” to the beyond average “Average,” you’re sure to find something to match your style—and they won’t cost you a dime. You can download collections to your computer or add them to Google Docs (either by choosing “More Fonts” in the font list or with the Chrome Extensis extension).

Since you already use Google all day, every day—why not get the most out of it?

Photo of person on laptop courtesy of Hero Images/Getty Images.