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9 Tips for Putting Your Best Foot Forward Every Day (Without Breaking a Sweat)

People are always saying things like, “You only get one shot to make a good first impression.” But in today’s ridiculously connected world, it’s not just about that initial point of contact—it’s about putting your best foot forward all the time. Because you never know who’s checking you out online and in the office.

Sounds scary, right? It really doesn’t have to be. Snag a couple of the tips and tricks below, and you’ll be able to be your best self all the time (without having to put forth a Herculean effort daily).

  1. Make sure you always keep a stack of business cards on you, even if you’re going to the grocery store. You never know when a professional contact might come out of nowhere. (Entrepreneur)
  2. Papers piling up on your desk? Just found a Chipotle wrapper—from two weeks ago? It’s time to give your desk a nice cleaning. You’ll seem more put-together in the process. (LifeClever)
  3. Give some serious thought to how good (or not so good) you are at eye contact. (Forbes)
  4. Start your day off right by creating a morning routine. (Zen Habits)
  5. Don’t hold back at the office; share your ideas and collaborate more to put yourself (and your work) out there. (99U)
  6. Want to seem smarter? Increase your intelligence with these five easy activities. (Pick the Brain)
  7. An easy way to feel better every day: Figure out if you’re sleeping at the right time. (LifeDev)
  8. Eat well so that you have the energy to be your best self. (Lifehack)
  9. Work on being a better writer so that you can stand out, whether you’re writing an investor report or a two-sentence email. (The Daily Muse)

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