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9 Things You Need to Know When a Co-worker's Making Your Life Harder

bad co-worker

Whether a co-worker’s being a Debbie Downer while your team’s launching a new project or your colleague’s giving you a hard time when you ask for help, uncooperative team members can create huge problems for you—and your ability to hit your goals.

While you definitely want to get the situation resolved as quickly as possible, it’s equally important to figure out why someone’s being so unhelpful in the first place. Below are nine strategies that’ll give you the tools you need to decipher what’s going on, as well as how to deal with someone who’s making your job so much harder.

  1. Regardless of the situation, it’s crucial that you keep your cool. Step away from the team for a bit, plan your words carefully, and come up with an action plan. (Entrepreneur)
  2. Consider whether or not this is a battle you really want to pick. You might be able to find a way to work around this person. (Lifehacker)
  3. Put the attention on troublesome people and open the lines of communication. Are they being generally difficult—or is there something specific that’s keeping them from being helpful? (Psychology Today)
  4. Regardless of how other people are acting, show empathy. This makes others feel more at ease. (Evan Carmichael)
  5. When you’re in the office, try not to take anything too personally. Often people’s issues simply aren’t about you. (The Huffington Post)
  6. Remember: No matter how someone else is acting, you should always treat everyone in your office with respect. (Reader's Digest)
  7. If you want to have a conversation about a co-worker’s uncooperative habits, think about what the best medium is (text, email, or call) for reaching out. (Business Insider)
  8. However, you should consider talking to your boss about it if it’s really bad. Just make sure you do it the right way. (Inc.)
  9. Finally, this five-step guide will help you get through any difficult conversations you do choose to have with a colleague. (The Daily Muse)