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9 Things You Didn't Know About Creating a Career You Love

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“Follow your passion” is somewhat of a catch phrase these days. Everyone says it’s what you need to do to find a fulfilling career, and there’s plenty of advice out there for how to make it happen.

But what does it really mean to find a career that makes you happy? And how can you actually make the scary leap toward your passion amid vague advice like “just go for it?”

To help you out, we scoured the web for thoughts on creating a dream career that you may not have heard before. From unique ways to uncover your passions to thoughts on how to turn your current job into your dream job, you’re sure to find something inspiring.

  1. The secret to a fulfilling life (and career) might have to do with finding meaning rather than finding happiness. (Aeon)
  2. Having trouble nailing down what your passion is? Think through some of these kind of odd but incredibly thought-provoking questions. Questions like: What is your tennis ball? (Fast Company)
  3. Your “perfect job” involves more than just serving in a role that you love. It also involves everything from your salary to your work-life balance to your ability to advance. Take this quiz to start to sort out what’s most important to you. (LearnVest)
  4. The career path you’re meant to pursue doesn’t always feel like the most logical or stable choice—but it’s important to follow it anyway. (Martha Beck)
  5. Creating your ultimate career may be less about finding your passion and more about cultivating it. (Brazen Life)
  6. You may not even have to change jobs to make your dream career—think about transforming the job you already have! (popforms)
  7. Even if you’re doing something you love, you might have to make sacrifices to achieve your dream career. (Parade)
  8. It’s important to know that what you thought was your “dream career” might disappoint. Here’s how to bounce back with the perfect plan B. (The Wall Street Journal)
  9. And remember: People change, and it’s never too late to decide what used to be your dream job isn’t working for you anymore and make a shift. (DailyWorth)

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