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9 Tech Podcasts So Addictive, Your Friends Should Start Planning the Intervention

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As someone who listens to over 40 tech podcasts every month, it’s safe to say I’m nearing the point of needing an intervention.

It’s just that they’re all so very, very good. I can barely get through a casual conversation without bringing up a quote, or a stat, or some other tidbit from one that I’ve just listened to.

So, I figured I would share my vast knowledge (and out-of-control passion) of tech podcasts with you.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “I listened to Serial, and sure, I liked it, but I don’t really know where to go next—there are just so many out there.”

I hear ya. And that’s why I didn’t just make a list and throw it at you. Instead, I came up with nine kinds of listeners and a motivational podcast for each one.

1. If You’re a Diehard Techie: Accidental Tech Podcast

ATP, as the show is known to its legions of fans, is a true tech podcast phenomena. The three hosts are all developers, so they really know their stuff, and following their in-depth conversations feels like you have a backstage pass to a gathering of the best of the best in the industry.

The show ranges from detailed explanations of the latest products one minute to long-running jokes between tech friends the next. So, if you’re fascinated about everything tech—from the minutiae of programming languages to the latest industry news—ATP is the podcast for you.

2. If You’ve Got a Softer Side: Analog(ue)

This one puts a new spin on the genre. As the name suggests, it focuses on the more human side of the digital age. In fact, one of the regular segments of the show is a review of the previous week’s #relayyourfeels tweets. Tune in if you find yourself thinking about how to integrate gadgets like the Apple Watch into your daily routine or how to find time for your weekend coding project.

(Fun fact: Like several other of the podcasts from this list, Analog(ue) is part of the up-and-coming podcast network.)

3. If You Like Some Variety: Clockwise

This one sticks to its name and its formula. The round-table discussion with two hosts and two industry guests is always under 30 minutes and always features a range of topics—from Windows 10 to cord cutting to online advertising.

Although I wish these shows were longer because they’re truly that good, it’s great to know that Clockwise will cover the latest events (and a surprise or two!) all within that timeframe.

4. If You Want to Get Your Geek On: Rocket

The three female hosts talk about tech and geek culture on one of the first and most popular all-female tech podcasts.

The team’s made up of Mashable Senior Tech Correspondent and Media Specialist Christina Warren, Game Development and Tech Feminist Brianna Wu, and Family Gaming and Diversity Writer Simone de Rochefort. With their knowledge and enthusiasm for tech, comics, movies, and video games, you’ll be more than ready for lunch banter on all that’s delightful and geeky.

5. If You’re Into To-Do Lists: Back to Work

During Back to Work, you’ll find yourself contemplating the meaning of your job, revamping your productivity practices, and often laughing hysterically at the hosts’ frantic and friendly banter.

And, on a personal note, this one will always have a special place in my heart because it was the podcast that gave me some of the resources (and lots of the courage) I needed to pursue my lifelong passion for tech and do a career 180.

6. If You Have No Time for Podcasts: Tech Talker’s Quick and Dirty Tips to Navigate the Digital World

Yes, it’s more-than-a-mouthful of a title, but don’t let it fool you—this is by far the shortest of all the podcasts on this list.

Episodes usually only last five or six minutes, but you still get plenty of practical pointers and advice. To name a few subjects that the Tech Talker explains clearly and concisely each week, you can learn how to protect your electronics, cut back on mobile data, protect yourself online, or avoid spam.

7. If You’re Obsessed With Everything Google: This Week in Google

Get ready to go into the world of Google and all the innovations and interest surrounding it.

The TWIG hosts and guests discuss news, gadgets, controversies, plus competitors of Google. Also, the show gives you a flavor for the well-established TWIT podcast network, which produces over two dozen tech programs.

8. If You’re a Tricks and Tools Fanatic: Mac Power Users

Spoiler alert: The name’s a bit misleading.

The podcast does cover topics related to the Mac, but it also focuses on other Apple products and how to best use them all. The co-hosts are lawyers who just happen to be tech lovers, so the show is full of tips about making the most of devices in different situations and professions.

Bonus: The app and product reviews can really save you time and money if you’re looking for a solution to your digital dilemmas.

9. If You’re All About Apple: The Talk Show

This is industry pundit John Gruber’s podcast about the tech company of the 21st century. By following the podcast, you’ll not only know all about what’s up with Apple, but you’ll also hear unique stories about the company, its products, and its history.

And, I promise that even if you’re an Android aficionado like me, you can’t help but enjoy the conversations with fascinating guests.

There’s something for everyone! Now go out there and start downloading these on your commute, while you work, or for a leisurely rainy-day activity.