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9 Must-Reads if You're Debating if You Should Really Follow Your Passion

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People talk about following a passion like it’s something easy to do.

However, when you’re choosing to quit your full-time job for an entirely new career, sacrificing precious free time to take on a side gig, or going public with something you really care about, the path to following your dreams is easier said than done.

Good news: We rounded up lots of awesome advice to think about before you start moving forward with the whole “follow your passion” thing.

  1. Want to achieve any dream? Try following one (or all) of these 34 one-sentence rules to keep yourself on track. (The Financial Diet)
  2. Cal Newport preaches that instead of following your passion, you should try cultivating it. (The Minimalists)
  3. Most people don’t actually end up doing what they’re passionate about, so what’s stopping them? Here are the top seven reasons—and how to get past them. (Lifehacker)
  4. One important thing to consider: Is there any way your true interest can help you change people’s lives? This thinking exercise gives you clarity. (Quartz)
  5. If you’re going to take the leap of faith, you’re still going to have to do some serious planning before you jump. (The Empowered Dollar)
  6. Make sure you understand that changing your life trajectory to fulfill your career fantasy definitely won’t be easy. (Elephant Journal)
  7. Really not sure if quitting your job is the right thing? You should absolutely consider these 15 key decisions. (Financial Samurai)
  8. Despite the large number of think pieces saying that this is bad advice, here are seven reasons why it can be empowering. (Lifehack)
  9. Still trying to figure out what your passion actually is? This step-by-step guide can help. (The Daily Muse)