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9 (More) Apps to Help You Reach Your New Year’s Resolutions

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2017 is over. That feels crazy to type (and probably crazy to read). Rather than looking back on what you could’ve done differently, I’m guessing you’re more than ready to move on to 2018 and make it one of your best years yet.

And why not make it easier to accomplish all those New Year’s resolutions in the upcoming months with the help of a little tech? Last year I recommended some of the best apps for working toward your goals, whatever they are. Now—because new year, new tools—here are nine more that’ll take you to the next level.

1. Learn More (and Have Fun Doing it) With Memrise

If you slept through your high school Spanish class but are ready to redeem yourself now, try Memrise. With over 200 languages to choose from, you’ll learn from the best—the Memrise community of native speakers. The app includes audio, images, and a variety of memorization techniques, plus the playful touches make it feel more like a game and less like a boring homework assignment.

You can also share your own courses or build up career skills in topics like finance, accounting, marketing, and more.

Cost: Free (with pro upgrade available) on iOS, Android, and the web

2. Travel More With Skyscanner

If your resolution is to see the world, there’s an easy way to make it as painless as possible for your bank account. Skyscanner gives you access to the cheapest flights, hotels, and rental cars, wherever you’re off to. Detailed filters, price drop notifications, easy-to-read calendars, and comparison charts let you easily find the best deal and reserve it with no extra fees.

Best frustration-saver? It synchs your flight time with your search so you don’t have to re-enter that info when you’re looking for hotels or transport for your trip.

Cost: Free on iOS, Android, and the web

3. Relax More With Pause

I’m always looking for new ways to make mindfulness a part of my routine. So, when I found out that the company that created the enchanting Monument Valley game had a relaxation app, I knew I had to check it out.

Instead of offering you meditation exercises that put you to sleep, the Pause app just asks you to move colorful shapes around on the screen to the rhythm of soothing music. This simple act brings your attention to the present moment, and, as Pause’s creator says, “That’s where the real journey to relaxation begins.”

Cost: $1.99 on iOS and Android

4. Break a Bad Habit With Strides

If you’re set on giving up your caffeine addiction or cutting out late-night Netflix binges in 2017, Strides will help you keep your eyes on the prize. The app encourages you to break down your goals into doable chunks, and lets you easily track your progress.

Its sleek and simple interface shows your targets, habits, averages, and milestones, and you can choose when you want to be reminded to do something and receive encouraging notifications when you achieve your goals.

Cost: Free (with upgrade available) on iOS and the web

5. Read More News With Quartz News

Keeping up with the latest news stories can really be a challenge nowadays, so it’s nice to hear about a new approach to current events. And the Quartz news app (for Android or iOS) is definitely that. It presents stories in a chat-style interface, including photos, GIFs, and links, and you can click on the relevant emoji to teach the app what you’re interested in.

The news comes from Quartz’s own site, as well as other established sources, but it’s a fresh and fun way to keep informed and be a part of the chat-bot revolution (we are heading into the future, after all).

Cost: Free on iOS and Android

6. Meditate More With Simple Habit

You’ve probably heard more than enough about the benefits of meditation, but how do you fit it into your busy schedule? Simple Habit makes it possible, with five-minute guided meditations to fit the time of day or the challenges you face throughout it (commuting, stress, insomnia).

Developed by a team of Harvard psychologists and experts in the field, Simple Habit has over 500 meditations, with more being added every week.

Cost: Free (seven-day trial) on iOS, Android, and the web

7. Give More With ShareTheMeal

The promise to help others can be one of the most rewarding and beneficial promises you make this year. ShareTheMeal is an app from the United Nations World Food Program that lets you do your part to fight world hunger. For only 50 cents a day, you can feed a hungry child. All you have to do is open the app and click to contribute.

Cost: Free on iOS, Android, and the web

8. Stay Connected to Your Network With Spaces

Resolutions don’t have to only be about health and productivity. A few years ago, I decided to stay in touch with my friends more often, and it was the most enjoyable promise I’ve ever made myself (although my get-more-sleep resolution comes at a very close second).

You can give your social circles some love with Spaces by Google.

The app lets you create a “space,” or private group, to share your latest pics, favorite videos, or interesting articles. You can then comment on them and search for more (of course—it is Google, after all) without ever having to put down your phone.

Cost: Free on iOS, Android, and the web

9. Be More Punctual With HERE WeGo

Despite living overseas and traveling regularly, my hilariously bad sense of direction is beyond repair. But I’ve resolved to avoid late arrivals by always being prepared with directions to where I’m headed— by using the HERE WeGo app.

It has offline maps for over 100 countries, plus traffic updates, public transit timetables, taxi info for some cities, walking instructions, and indoor maps for complicated places like airports and stadiums. I’d truly be lost without it!

Cost: Free on iOS, Android, and the web

Ready for a resolution-rich year? Download a few (or all) of these apps, and you’re sure to have a terrific (and productive) time in 2018.