Grammar is the great equalizer: No matter where you are on the career ladder—from entry-level employee to boss in the C-suite—everyone struggles with it from time to time. While we certainly hope you have “your” and “you’re” down pat, we also know that it gets a lot trickier.

But that’s no excuse for not knowing the rules! And that’s not because we’re grammar bullies, but because we don’t want you to look bad at work.

So brush up on your grammar skills today by checking out these great resources.

  1. Think grammar isn’t all that important in the grand scheme of things? It could actually be costing you at work. (Forbes)
  2. Grammar doesn’t just consist of how you use words; it’s all about how you use punctuation, too. One piece of punctuation people contantly mess up? Quotation marks. (Business Insider)
  3. If you don’t believe punctuation is important, just take a look at these 16 ridiculous punctuation fails. (Mashable)
  4. If you’re afraid you won’t be able to catch your own mistakes, let one of these five proofreading apps do the work for you. (Tech Republic)
  5. Fewer or less? Lay and lie? This guide will help you decipher 20 of the most common grammatical mix-ups. (Lit Reactor)
  6. Another huge grammar pet peeve: Using words that are made-up and also grammatically incorrect. (BuzzFeed)
  7. Are you a whiz at using commas? Find out. (Medium)
  8. One important tip, though: Just because you should be striving for grammatical perfection doesn’t mean you should be correcting others all the time. Don’t be a grammar bully. (Slate)
  9. Idioms are weird, and this quick guide will make you a pro at using them in no time. (The Daily Muse)

Photo of grammar chalkboard courtesy of Shutterstock.

Updated 6/19/2020