It seems like everybody is scrambling to get as much work done as possible before the holidays start. Of course, with so many end-of-the-year tasks popping up, you might find yourself needing to put in some extra hours on the weekend just to stay afloat.

Obviously, weekends typically aren’t thought of as the most productive time, so how are you going to push through? We’ve scoured the web to bring you resources for how to have a productive weekend that doesn’t totally suck.

  1. Scared you’ll spend too much time working and not enough time hanging with your family or getting the relaxation you need? Stew Friedman recommends finding activities that promote the “four-way win.” (Entrepreneur)
  2. Leave the giant, hairy tasks to the weekdays, and spend your weekends taking on smaller, more manageable tasks you might ignore when you’re in the office. (Forbes)
  3. Similarly, one really great day to try to be extra productive is on Friday. It’s an awesome time of the week to start planning what you can get done during the weekend and at the start of next week, too. (Inc.)
  4. One of the best ways to feel less stressed about doing work on the weekends? Stop scheduling Monday deadlines. (Lifehacker)
  5. The weekend has about 60 hours in it. How do you make sure you soak up every drop of productivity and fun? Plan every second of it beforehand. (Fast Company)
  6. During December crunch time, one very simple step could help you get more done this weekend: Just get up slightly earlier. (99U)
  7. An important note for when you’re working weekends before the holiday rush: Remember that “busyness” is not the same thing as productivity. (Psychology Today)
  8. Still having trouble catching the productivity bug on the weekends? It might be time to give your entire week a scheduling overhaul. (Lifehack)

Still need help being productive this weekend? Check out some of our suggestions!

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Updated 6/19/2020