Career experts always say to research a company before you head in for a job interview. Seems like a pretty simple step, right?

In practice though, doing that crucial investigating usually turns out to be way easier said than done. Where should you look for company information? Is there more you can do besides a simple Google search and company website scroll?

Fortunately, we’ve found the best resources on the web to help you figure what to research before you head into that interview.

  1. Have you checked out these seven resources when looking at a particular company? (The Huffington Post)
  2. Don’t just stop at researching the company; make sure you do a little digging on your future boss, too. (Fast Company)
  3. Once you investigate your future employer, be sure to let him or her know in the interview that you’ve done your research. Just don’t get creepy. (Lifehacker)
  4. Give some thought to potential unconventional questions your interviewer may ask. What things in particular might someone at this company quiz you on? (Entrepreneur)
  5. If possible, ask industry experts off the record how this company is regarded by people in that sector. It could tell you a lot about an organization. (The Guardian)
  6. When researching a company, think about what types of specific questions you could ask the interviewer, not just the other way around. (Inc.)
  7. One very important step in your research of a company: Understand the organization’s hiring process. It’s not just crucial for submitting your resume and cover letter but also for knowing who’s going to interview you and what they’ll care about. (Forbes)
  8. In the world of pre-interview research, reading message board gossip about a company is totally fair game. (DailyWorth)

Want more help with your pre-interview research? Check out our suggestions!

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